FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/13/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

Noah from Vaughan

Didn’t watch raw but as of today it’s been 70 days since the second night of the WWE draft where Veer was drafted to raw. I honestly think he’s walking to America from India at the pace he’s going at. Someone should check up on him. And for reference those Emmalina vignettes from a few years back lasted 120 days until she made her debut so we still may have a while to go for Veer to make his debut.

Have a great night guys. Appreciate you sitting through Raw every week cause I just can’t do it anymore

After tonight I’m left feeling that Kevin is the smartest title contender, Bobby Lashley is the hard-working underdog fighting against the odds, and Big E is… also there. His note-taking and his way of exaggerating the tv-watching angle were funny but I feel like he’s been eclipsed by two of his challengers.

I wouldn’t mind all the twists and turns if I was convinced they had an endgame in mind but based on history, I suspect they’re going to get bored with their current ideas and scrap them. Maybe that’s why Vince was so determined to convey the importance of a pencil eraser. It’s an important part of the rewriting process.

All I want is for WWE to make me feel as excited about anything they do as that one girl in the audience was for Becky Lynch. What are the odds?

Remember when people actually thought Rhea Ripley had a chance in this company? Another example of a wasted main roster run. She’ll probably be released in a year