FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/17/18

John is sick, so joining me for tonight’s Rewind-A-Raw will be @PodFatherSOH. Leave your feedback below.

What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Fresh faces, fresh matchups and listening to the fans. This was illustrated by a long opening segment chock-full of McMahon’s followed by virtually the same Baron Corbin bit as the prior night. I guess I can give them the benefit of the doubt and reserve some judgment for the next few weeks. After all, it is the holiday season. I just found that opening segment a bit insulting and masturbatory on the part of the McMahon family. At least it looks like they’re going to do something with the Revival.2 Dean Ambrose heel sirens out of 10.

Hope all is well with your family John.

Poor Nate.
When Nattie got her head smashed into the bottom turnbuckle with 8 minutes left to go in this meaningless show, the camera zoomed really tight on her face. So tight, we could all see that she had quite the bat in the cave. This made me think, that’s what RAW is. RAW is the snot in our nose that we keep picking at, but for some reason, we just can’t get rid of. I think it’s time for EVERYONE to blow their nose.
Get Well Soon, Pollock household!

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So if this is the “new” Raw then I vote we go back to the old version. Maybe they felt that because Becky is on top right now that everyone would want to see more of the women. However, a gauntlet match that takes up the entire 3rd hour of the show with zero interesting characters is not how to do it. Hope after the new year we can get some decent buildup for the Rumble but not holding out much hope.

Mark from Vaughan

I can’t condemn the revamp in Week 1 but it didn’t feel like a new Raw. Starting with 4 old authority figures in an overdone trope duplicating the same Corbin angle from last night doesn’t scream new. WWE seems to think that flooding the main roster with call-ups will improve interest when they’re being sent into the same environment of poor booking, lack of logic and bad character development that discourage fans from becoming invested. They don’t even know what it is the show is missing to try and fix it. We’ll see how this progresses.

Question: If you were at the helm of the shake-up, what’s the first change you’d make to the show and who would your top guy be in the absence of Roman?

Chris from Pennsylvania,

While there may not have been earth-shattering, life-altering changes on this week’s Raw, I came away feeling pretty good about tonight’s show. I usually gauge my interest based on how much I’m watching the show vs. being on my computer, and outside of the Lashley/Elias segment and the middle chunk of the women’s gauntlet, tonight the show had my attention. Months of laziness and poor writing isn’t going to be changed overnight, but if they actually stick to their word and put a stronger effort into making a good show, then Raw can make a comeback in 2019.

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After the opening segment, I was originally intrigued to see the changes in store, but as the show went on I didnt notice anything different. I guess we will have to wait and see over the coming weeks and months to see if they are true to their word. I think this ultimately leads to WWE ending the brand extension by the time Smackdown moves to FOX in the fall (and hopefully the merging of a couple titles). I give this show 2 bent over lashleys out of 10.

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Raw was not terrible at least. Hopefully the McMahons figure out who they wanna be. Hopefully they realize they are a 3 hour television show and not an adam hunter comedy show. Corbin on an interview recently on booker T’s podcast said vince loved what he was doing since he was getting prime real estate on the show. Man I hope this cannot be true and it took vince months to realize he was wrong. Corbin is TERRIBLE. Good riddance. Look forward to seeing the nxt peeps come up and the return of the Canadian duo from injury. How did max do with his haircut?

Jay from Colorado

I used to work at this small cannabis dispensary where the owner also worked as the manager, and he was horrible at managing his business. Every few months we would get fed up and threaten to leave and like clockwork he’d give everyone a raise, and say “I’m gonna listen to you guys now, things are gonna be different!” But things never changed, and the guys out of business now. Then. Now. Forever.


Jalen from Pickering,

Mad props to Nate for stepping up to watch that dumpster fire. I hated that opening segment, Vince has been doing this forever now and can still manipulate the crowd when he wants to. Everyone booed Roman week in and week out because of Vince’s booking, and we finally have the head of this god awful beast in the middle of the ring, and instead these fans pop for everything and buy into it. If Hogan is the greatest crowd worker of all time, Vince might be number 2.
This is probably obvious to everyone that doesn’t write for the show, but a gauntlet to close the show with a bunch of women you don’t feature well is going to be horrible. It’s like they looked at what went well with the men’s gauntlet this year and decided to try the opposite.

Trevor from Kingston

I don’t think I could say Raw was bad this week, so there’s that. But I found it still left a lot to be desired after what was said in the opening segment. But I have hope! With NXT call-ups and the returns of KO/Sami sometime soon, I think this could be a decent show every week. But WWE has let us all down a lot so I know any optimism is rare.

Just saying something is “new and fresh” does not make it so. The audience is now the authority, what does that even mean? Who are the McMahons reclaiming their show from?, and now they are all babyfaces; cause now they care what we think. Lets spoil a bunch of callups and returns because surprises are no fun. I wasn’t expecting miracles but I expected more than that. Why couldn’t Seth help Breeze win? The ratings might go up when football ends but I don’t see them solving any of the real issues they have. Two easy fixes- stop 50-50 booking and clear heel/face characters ( with a couple of tweeners). Thank you John and Wai, get well and Merry Christmas

I don’t see any cooperation/promotion between USA and Fox

I’m a viewer who skipped the last 2 weeks of Raw. I found myself skimming through the episode after the Baron Corbin re-run.


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If they’re really getting rid of the mandatory rematch, I’m ready to proclaim this episode of Rse (in honor of Brother Nate) as the greatest Nitro in the history of our sport.


I can’t wait for the inevitavle “I’m a genius” comment from Vince when he gets back KO/Sami, infuses some new NXT talent, and Cena and Brock return for Mania Season. The guy will actually think he fixed Monday Night Raw.

At this point they have one last card to pull if it keeps getting worse…HHH turning on Vince and bringing in Undisputed Era or a ton of NXT talent to literally take over the show and proclaim he’s in charge. Fans would actually be patient and willing to deal with 3 hours if we thought this was finally the change in control we’ve wanted. Do I think that could or would happen - of course not, because after all that’s what fans want and we were just told be Vince that we will get what we want. Code for, I’m going to tell you what you want.

Seriously though, do new faces matter if they are presented like cast offs with no consistent story telling mechanisms? I would have brought in Sanity, Street Profits, and another Tag to have the 4 way with AOP or the Revival. What makes the McMahons think we want to see more Alicia Houseparty and B Team? To me, they don’t get it. A shakeup needs to have shock and awe in wrestling because we’ve heard these ideas to shake things up for decades. They shouldn’t be afraid to bring in 4 new teams in a night and basically let their audience who is unfamiliar with NXT play catch-up: or drive people to the Network to catch these teams in NXT, and educate fans about who these people are. That’s putting on work to establish and make new. Instead, B team. Fck man!


I enjoyed this episode. The major change maybe more babyface wins and I think it could work. I really liked Sasha vs Nattie at the end.