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Mannie from Pacoima

Two great championship matches!
Gunther vs the Miz was fantastic and once again had me believing maybe miz would pull it off.
Gunther having so many moves in his arsenal than can defeat his opponents at anytime sets him apart and makes him a big threat.
The creeds vs JD started off a bit slow, but once it picked up the pace it made for a great match.

Mascara dorada is the new cmll historic welterweight champion. Really enjoyed seeing the Post twitter account posting results from the show.

Also shout out Nakamura’s poetry skills
“You’re vomit, you’re stupid, your father was inbred”

The Judgment Day ended the year still ruling the roost but the finish with Julius’ shoulder being up after the 3-count makes a rematch necessary for New Year’s Day. Miz. did in fact, come to play in arguably the best match of his career against Gunther, it was top notch. Shinsuke’s Xmas story was vicious and the Holiday street fight was good fun (a lot of that is due to R-Truth).

It was neat to see Chelsea Green pay homage to her husband during the women’s tag title match.

Aside from the women’s tag title match having a short turnaround on their build, it really feels like RAW has a lot of really interesting threaded storylines moving throughout the whole show.

The Drew McIntyre promo was some of the best and most compelling work since the Punk vs. MJF program on AEW. And I love, love, love how clever it was to weave Punk and Seth’s promo into McIntyre’s appeal to Seth. Celebrating his choices to lead into his motivations. It’s nuanced and layered character work.

Miz’s match with Gunther is one I can imagine him sending to Danielson, with a note saying “not bad for a coward.”