FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/2/19

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Apparently, WWE got the memo when it comes to booking babyfaces. Rusev looked cool again while Owens was too smart to fall for a 3 on 1 double cross. My MVP of the night however was Drew McIntyre. Had a great match with Tozawa, cut a killer promo & bounced in the middle of a bunch of other people fighting as only Drew McIntyre can. If the plan is to turn Rollins heel, I say turn McIntyre face. The guy is very charismatic. Eric young even got some shine on the show. Hope the ratings don’t suck because I like the direction the show is going in. Samoa Joe was once again very good on commentary, breaking down Wrestling strategy while reeling in grandpa Jerry who sounded like he had never heard the name Tony Nese before tonight. They even gave us a new Kabuki Warriors them Cowboy. 7.5. Is Dio dead from the F5?

Brandon from Oshawa

My official prediction for Eric Rowan…it’s a mirror and he’s talking to his beard.

Why didnt those detectives arrest the AOP for kidnapping Kevin Owens? Why did no one care that he was kidnapped?

All the talk of how horrible the cuck angle is, yet look how over Rusev is again. I like that Rusev and Owens have looked cool and smart. Also, Owens promo with Lana actually felt real. I liked that they were talking over each other.

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Nas from NYC (not the rapper)

Did King just say ‘Shoot Him’ to the cops when Rusev attacked Lashley? Given the number of unarmed Americans that have died at the hands of police in this country that is an appalling thing to say. I understand that he misspoke. But it just shows the mindset of a really sick individual because shooting someone isn’t the first thing that would pop up in any normal person’s mind.

Love Kevin Owens truth bombing all over that opening segment. Also refreshing to see a baby face that is actually a smart guy. Also that handicap match was far better than expected.

This wasn’t a home run show by any means but I can see that they are trying to build storylines which will certainly help them in the future.

P.S. The Viking Raiders explaining the process of their name change and Raw debuts on Graves’ podcast and The New Day explaining the creative process of how they were formed were both awesome to listen to. Really enjoying these WWE podcasts.


Really enjoyed Charlotte v Kabuki Warriors. That match hit a Gear I wasn’t expecting after the commercial break.

Why wouldn’t wwe put the wwe title on AJ and make the OC the main faction like Undisputed Era? Feels like there would be more to do with that than meaningless 6 man tags

Brian from New York

Largely an enjoyable Raw. I’m liking how many lower card squash matches they’ve been utilizing lately. McIntyre, Andrade, Rowan, and Black all benefitting from situations that make them seem special compared to their opponents and seems to be doing a better job than monotonous two segment matches that they feel compelled to book 50/50 over time.

They seem to have caught a bit of a stride with finding the right tone with a bunch of guys and looks like they’re starting to line up their Rumble contenders with Owens and McIntyre stepping to the forefront. Even the US Title picture seems to be as fresh as it has been in a while with a strong group gunning for it. That’s been a huge plus to the post-Survivor Series Raws.

One of the few gripes I had with tonight’s show was the handicap women’s match. It was a good match, as was last week’s, but it feels like they should have started with someone a little lower in the pecking order than Charlotte for the Kabuki Warriors to be beating before Charlotte got brought in as a reinforcement. I’m still having trouble rooting against someone like Kairi Sane when we can see the size difference between her and the monster of the division. It seems to be hurting the crowd reactions a bit.

8 Corrupt Tennessee Cops out of 10. Question for you guys: If they’re going to keep rotating guest analysts as the third man in the booth, who would you like to see get a shot in there once Joe is healthy? Thanks!

I actually really liked the show tonight, Joe on commentary makes the show a lot more fun.

But also using squash matches to get guys over is great. Drew looked like a monster, they used Eric Young perfectly in Nashville to get Andrade over and both Rowan and the Viking war experience raiders had fun squashes. Black also wrestled which is a good use of him.

Super hot main event too. That’s really all I want from RAW.