FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/23/19

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

I thought Mojo had a good showing tonight. By no means am I saying put the title on the guy, but it’s nice to see the show trying to utilize its roster. Samoa Joe should write a book on the AOP because his description of them is like poetry every week. The crowd sweetening was very amusing to me, Cedric Alexander gets the biggest pop of his career. I wonder why. Tozawa getting jobbed out by Santa makes Paul sad inside. Lawler started a premise involving he & Chelsea Green kissing under mistletoe. Joe noticeably cut him off, yet Lawler finished the awful joke anyway. Nice try Joe. Glad to see the non-finish gauntlet match lead to a main event non finish & what the hell are they doing with the Street Prophets?!On the bright side, at least the superstars get some time off to spend with their families. This show started out good & took a proper nosedive. 2.

likely/unlikely Drew McIntyre wins a world title in 2020.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Considering it was the second show in one night, if the people showed up late, they would have probably had a better show. This week’s Raw was much better. NWA Power is making me really like shorter types of matches with lots of people on the show. I like the variety. A year or so back I binge watched WWF Superstars on the WWE Network, and I enjoyed seeing so many different people on TV every week. Maybe it’s also because Raw has these extremely long and pointless matches, like the 50 minute gauntlet without a finish or the 20 plus minute non title tag match. I like seeing squash matches, but I also like little quick showcase matches where even people like Tony Nese or Chelsea Green have a chance to show off and get over. The low light of the night was Jerry Lawler’s attempt at 1999 humour. Ignoring the obvious sexism issues, it’s just behind the times. On the contrary, Samoa Joe is my pick for announcer of the year, especially after putting over the AOP. Great ending of the show as well and it will be great to see Joe back in the ring. 6 out of 10 show.

Hey John & Wai,

Happy Festivus & Merry Christmas Eve. As far as holiday episodes go, this one at least continued some storylines. The best part of the evening was NWA Powerrr being released one day early. Also, I just wanted to say, as you guys are reading this it is officially the 2 year anniversary of POST Wrestling. Congratulations! and thank you for the many hours of entertainment, even the review of Heroes of Wrestling. Talk to you guys later, I got a Christmas show to go listen to.

Nas from NYC

I actually enjoyed this episode of Raw. Much better than last week. Only brought down by that sick comment by Jerry Lawler. He is probably old enough to be Chelsea Green’s grandfather. What a sick individual. Not to mention that this was a taped episode and WWE was ok with leaving that in. FML.

Lots of good promos on the show. Owens, Mysterio, Joe and co were all solid.

I enjoyed the 24/7 bits in NYC. They must have filmed this very late at night too as the Upper West Side streets near Central Park were relatively empty. Though not sure about how I feel about someone as talented as Tozawa (the guy who beat Neville for the CW title) getting put in that position.

Nick from Lansing

Glad the Kevin Owens show got off to a great start with a strong win from KO, and personally I see untapped potential in Mojo, it would just be nice to see the company actually invest time in him

It’s nice seeing Cedric put on a good showing with someone like Lashley, even if it does reinforce his role as jobber to the stars. I wouldn’t mind if they were to start building towards a tag team with Buddy Murphy or Ricochet with the hope the don’t get lost without a title or story at the moment

Speaking of Murphy, not really sure why we’re getting a rematch with him and Alister next week, but if they have half the match they did at TLC, I won’t complain

I like that we’ve gotten little introductions from Deanna last week and now Chelsea Green this week, there’s such an abundance of especially female talent in Florida doing nothing, you might as well bring some of them over to Raw or Smackdown.

As much as I enjoyed the Street Profits speculation on what Erick Rowen’s pet is, but I think I cracked it. Based only on his comment about feeding after the match, I’m starting to think it’s jobber eating Flerkin from Captain Marvel and I’m waiting for evidence against me

I’d like to end by apologizing for my misuse of the plural to LEGO last week. When you were discussing that spot in the street fight and Facebook the correct pluralization I broke into a cold sweat at work when I heard Wai mention that people often add the “S” because, I knew the rightful mockery I’d receive later for making that very same mistake. For real, thanks for the correction, noted for the future! I’ll be going to Detroit for Smackdown this Friday

Rusev is a great babyface.