FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/28/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Back in the day, the UWF would end with cliff hangers. As One Man Gang slowly climbed to Bret’s rope, would he land his big splash onto some poor, unsuspecting wrestler? The closing segment, that wasn’t. Alexa seemed to be doing an impression of John and Wai after a particularly long episode of Raw. I also hate how Miz has the briefcase back, mostly because while he did cash it in, whether or not it was Morrison who physically did it. He still participated in the match and seemed to give his consent to said cash in, implying this is what he wanted. I guess when you have people getting set on fire it makes it easier to justify logical gaps. I also feel I would look forward to Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee if it was on an indy show like PWG where you would see something crazy, as they have the potential to have an incredible match. But based on how WWE do their wrestling, it’s going to be that style. Highlights of the night were the Brodie Lee shout outs here and there. 3 out of 10 show.

Paul from New Jersey

In a universe of unnatural sounding promos, McIntyre & Sheamus do sound quite natural with each other so I applaud them for that. Been a Dana Brooke fan for some tim. I think she has proven herself to be a solid worker in the ring. I thought this Orton/Wyatt feud might be at least a little better than the last one with Alexa, but it’s not. I will say I popped big time when Alexa called Orton a little bitch. I was laughing so hard. All Alexa had to do was slip in an Austin Powers reference and I would’ve gave the show a 10. 4.5.

RIP Brodie Lee. Young man with a young family. Devastating.


Still remember the night when “Luke Harper” won the Intercontinental title. One of my favorite moments on RAW!

R.I.P Mr. Brodie Lee