FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/6/21

What did you think of Raw?

I decided to watch Raw instead of cleaning my kitchen. I regret my decision.

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I was really enjoying Bianca and Duodrop until that finish, hopefully they can have as good a match next time they face. Three women’s match in one raw that as to be a record.

Was that Ridge Holland’s theme music playing during Liv’s video package?

I might be mistaken but I didn’t see Raw trending on Twitter at all tonight, that doesn’t usually bode well for ratings, as I’ve noticed whenever nxt isn’t trending the ratings are down.

Although I never thought Liv was going to win the title, when I saw the video promo they did for her and how much time they gave the match, it did occur to me that they could have put the title on her, then moved it back to Becky at Day One and they could have potentially created another star for the women’s division. Becky was always going to prevail in the feud but I think adding that element of surprise would have made Liv feel like a bigger deal. Sasha felt like a bigger star when she won the title against Charlotte on Raw, even though she dropped it at the next PPV.

Not sure what was going on with Lashley’s interference in the cage match. Did someone at WWE watch Dynamite and assume that picture-in-picture was standard for all wrestling shows? Sort of seems like we might be headed for a 4-way on January 1st. Still feels like Kevin’s job is to take the pin and then disappear until his contract expires or he decides to re-sign.

Awesome timing for a Chris Cuomo reference. Very impressive.