FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/7/20

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What did you think of WWE Raw?

Paul from New Jersey

The Fiend Is hit or miss for me, but I enjoyed it tonight. I like that Cedric Alexander is getting a lot of shine and isn’t just another member of the Hurt Business. That being said, it baffles me that Ricochet hasn’t improved even one percentage point on the mic since joining this company. It’s painful. That Miz TV segment stank worse than a dead frog. First name or not, this Riddle character out. It’s absolute crap. Not a good show. Could have watched Click with an hour and 13 minutes to spare. Good movie. 2.

There were some entertaining bits tonight but after watching War Games, I found it even more ridiculous that we’re meant to accept Lana as a top tier performer in the women’s division. I think she’s a talented entertainer and I don’t understand why that isn’t enough. Why do they have to make her not just a wrestler but a title contender? Management obviously thinks MVP has value without needing to throw him into every high profile match. Why can’t Lana play that sort of role?