FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/11/19 & NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo 2019

Leave your feedback here for tonight’s WWE Raw and NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo.

What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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I call CONSPIRACY, Ronda was wearing Reebook. Did Wai give up on The Edge & Christian Show? Also, can we get a giant clock in the building so everyone is not whispering how much time is left at the end of the last segment, and it doesn’t look like the Grammy’s out there.

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Tyler from Orlando,

Nothing special about tonight’s episode. That 6 man tag was really long, Kurt Angle doesn’t look comfortable doing anything. I don’t like the Becky/Ronda match becoming a 3 way but I will say out of all the ways to introduce Charlotte into the match, having her be the McMahon favorite and prodigy wrestler is a decent story to tell.


Tim from Alabama

Well that was the most anticlimactic way to take Becky out of the match and add Charlotte to it. Clearly Vince doesn’t care what the fans want which is a straight singles match between Becky and Ronda. Also congrats to the Revival on winning the Raw Tag Team Championships. And do you know if Sasha is going to be cleared for this Sunday or are we going to see Bayley go the distance and win the Chamber on her own?

4 Top Guys winning gold out of 10

Jalen from Pickering,

Raw: Show was whatever, but I appreciate having a running storyline through the show, and the use of backstage interviews in gorilla. Especially right after matches, giving a sports feel.

NJPW: Any combination of LIJ always seems to have fun tag matches with nice teamwork. Especially enjoyed Sanada and Evil basically wrestling like young lions that had mastered the basic moves.

Question: Have you guys seen OTT’s video package for Devlin vs Starr? It’s the best package you’ll see this year.

Ari from montreal
Just have a simple question. Had the revival not asked for their release do you guy think they would have been tag champs?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight felt like a huge step back for Becky. She didn’t get her nuts cut off, instead she got her ovaries cut out. The whole apology thing proved my biggest fear, that no one is above the McMahons. I’m also not totally against Charlotte in the match either, but her inclusion just seems lazy. If you compare it to 04, the reason Shawn Michaels believed he had a claim to be in the match was due to a draw at the Royal Rumble and one on the last Raw of 2003. I get where the story is going, but the biggest issue in WWE right now is that there are no stars. Everyone is just the kids of the McMahon family, and tonight was another example of it. The only real saving grace on the show tonight was the tag title match, but based on how it’s been portrayed on TV, the Raw tag division is the worst division in the entire company, so where does that leave us? I’m also trying to figure out what to name Tamina’s top rope splash? I’m torn between the Low Fly Flow and the Minus 5 Star Frog Splash? 4 out of 10 show.

As for New Beginning, it was good to see Jay White get the title and it seems New Japan is going to do what they did during the last exodus of talent. It’s also interesting to see Kota Ibushi talk about staying with New Japan for the next couple of years. I was thinking he would end up in AEW, but in typical Kota Ibushi fashion, only for a few matches before going off on his next journey. Maybe he’ll get an Impact Wrestling run out of no where if it’s still around in a few years. One negative of the shows is sometimes the undercards feel a bit drawn out and repetitive, especially some of the multi man matches. I get why they have them, but maybe they could freshen up some of the combinations a little better. I give the whole tour 6 overheard belly to belly suplexes out of 10 beautiful bridges.

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We all knew that Charlotte would be added to the match but damn WWE needs to get this mentality that everyone should be on Wrestlemania out of their minds. I know everyone works hard all year but the sad fact is that some people should be left off, everybody shouldn’t get a payday. Also with that little video of Kevin Owens i hope they’ll finally jump on board with him being a babyface. Other than that a meh edition of Raw.


Hey guys,

Thought The New Beginning in Osaka was a great show.

Ishimori vs. Taguchi was as good as i expected. Taguchi can always be expected to be great in the few big matches he has a year.

While Okada has had great matches with Fale in the past, Fale’s effort lately has been lacking but Okada still managed to get a good match out of him.

Though I predicted Tanahashi would win I was happy with how Jay’s win went. It was a different match than recent New Japan main events because Jay was so dominant almost the entire match.

Tanahashi becomes the first IWGP Heavyweight Champion in almost 10 years not to have a successful defence. The last was Manabu Nakanishi who held the title 45 days in May-June 2009, coincidently beating Tanahashi for the title and then dropping it back to him.

I get the vibe with this kind of rare booking from New Japan that this was very much a decision based on the departure of Kenny Omega.

With Jay winning and Kota Ibushi unexpectedly signing a two year contract with New Japan, I don’t know where things are going now but I am actually excited by that. Some of the booking in New Japan has been obvious even though the matches are usually phenomenal.

Today’s result upends things that people have been speculating like Okada vs. Tanahashi at MSG. But I am willing to bet that White and Naito have been kept apart from each other for a reason.


Jesse from the 6

NJPW Question:

John, I know you’re really into Jay White.
I know a lot of people loved his match from the Tokyo Dome.
Not me. I don’t get it.
For me, he comes off far too much as “playing heel”. He might as well come out and say, “Look at me, I’m a bad guy,” and insult the local sports team. And not only is his character work from the ‘80s, so is his in-ring work. He’s like Randy Orton: competent, but slow and plodding. I don’t think his sports entertainment style fits in a NJPW main event. The crowd was pretty quiet for that match. Also, him being the new Bullet Club leader is very nWo 2000.
I worry that the office panicked when Kenny left and they just wanted the title back on another white Westerner.
But I’d love to be wrong! Please tell me what you see in Jay White. What am I missing?

Take Care

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

Raw was okay tonight but on to the main event…NJPW’s New Beginning In Osaka.

Even for myself being a huge fan of Jay White didn’t expect a clean pinfall vs Tanahashi. I’ll admit I’m somewhat biased towards the New Zealand native, and he has truly grown into his character now.

Question: With the amount of times Jays mentioned that he has beaten Okada, Omega, & Tanahashi, do you belive “White © vs Naito” would be the right choice for MSG?

Zecky from Toronto
I think giving The Rivival the championship, is the worst move possible for WWE. At least before, they would jump over as undercard guys. Now they are perceived best in the division. Tag Teams are going to be attracted by AEW’s division for the roster and position on the card. The recent interest in tag teams by WWE is just a fad.

Lara from Vancouver

White/Tanahashi was an utterly phenomenal match.

Reminded me of the Roode/Nakamura matches in how they use a knee to set up a pinfall finish. It really came off as a match frim the 1980s NWA era… just incredible selling from Tanaka, and laser focus on body parts by White. I loved that Jay White worked on both Tana’s knees and his neck/head region in order to soften him up for the Blade Runner.

I’m way higher on this match than most it seems but I just loved it. Even knowing the result going in I still got into the near falls and the finish.