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David from Israel here.

While Raw tonight didn’t have any standout matches at the level of dynamite, I think it had promos and storytelling beats that blow away what AEW has been doing recently. The Cody and Sami segment was simply tremendous and had writing and thought put into it which you don’t normally see in pro wrestling television. Cody wrestling in his suit pants and defending his father’s honor only furthered cemented him as a great babyface and they managed to keep both him and Sami protected and extremely over.

I may be in the minority but I’ve really been enjoying Miz lately and his segment with Rollins tonight was both funny and entertaining and managed to build up Rollins and Logan Paul’s feud successfully. All in all I really enjoyed raw tonight as we also finally had a hot crowd for Raw and it did a great job hyping me up for Elimination Chamber.

Cheers as always to you John and Wai for all the hard work you put in for us every week. :relaxed:

It’s a stroke of genius to have two super over babyfaces in the same ring and neither Sami nor Cody got the shaft as far as crowd support goes. It’s okay to root for both men and HHH should be commended for thinking ahead. It was a solid go-home show as it had solid-to-good wrestling all night. The main event was damn good as Bianca Belair shut the door on two of her biggest rivalries.

Onward to Montreal. They’re gonna bring the noise on back to back nights.