FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/17/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

This Randy Orton stuff is pretty peculiar, Matt hardy has no friends in the back & this crowd had a certain amount of bloodlust I can really appreciate.I find Charlotte’s rationale for challenging Ripley pretty weak. No matter what anybody thought of last week, I thought Becky Lynch hit one out of the park tonight.

A down payment on violence was a great line. Kairi Sane was also quite colorful tonight. I like her. Decent show. 5.3.

Brandon frm NJ

Greetings and salutations my guys been a minute since we spoke and I wanna say hello. Good show tonight good crowd as well. This weekend for the WWE for crowds has been good are you guys shocked by this is it market reasons? Anywhoo fun show what do you make of drew shirt with the sword in the place of brocks knife falice tat? From buddrow rockin pants to the great charisma of angel Garza it was fun show


-how far can Garza go this guys charisma is tremendous

-when do you think they will debut killer Kross what angle (not Kurt) would you put him in

-54 degrees in nj today we are gonna pay for this aren’t we

-the Diego Sanchez fiasco what are your thoughts? Is Diego corner guy worst than Mcgregor old movement coach Ido Portal you know the guy that sparred with a pool noodle

-see you in Tampa