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Good show and it has me looking forward to more on SmackDown… It’s St. Viateur Bagels… NOM NOM NOM!

• Sami and KO, everyone in the Bloodline story delivers the most compelling content.
• Cody and Paul with yet another great segment.
• good women’s segments. Asuka looks great, though they’re a little stuck on how to get Bianca into it.
• Becky and Lita vs. Kai and Sky sound like it could be really good.
• Theory and Edge had a great match. I’m not sure why Balor vs. Edge is still going. Theory has been doing well and has been interesting as he grows his character.

P.S. There’s a great, great, great brunch place called Le Passé Composé, and Pub Saint Pierre also worth looking up your next time in Montréal <3

Brandon Sears from Ottawa

First time attending RAW since May 2003 in Halifax!

I’ve been to a few Ottawa shows in years past and this feels like the biggest crowd I’ve seen. Not sure how it came across on TV, but it was louder than I’ve heard from most Ottawa crowds.

Sami and Owens both got the loudest reaction with Cody, Edge and Lita not far behind. That said, the announcement of Omos and Brock Lesnar meeting at WrestleMania received a lot of groans around me. I guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up for a potential match with Gunther.

Really enjoyed Edge and Theory. Crowd bit on nearly every near fall. Edge received a standing ovation after the show. Gave a speech thanking the crowd. He said, “If this is it for Edge in Ottawa, then dammit, thank you.”

I know you both were wondering, but it was Dolph Ziggler who had to stand around in the dark during the DX camera segment.

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I attended live after some tickets unexpectedly were offered to me earlier today.

On one hand, this was the biggest crowd I’ve seen in Ottawa since the attitude era shows. I’ve seen Wrestletix say 8000 ish, which seems correct. Generally, even TV, pre-pandemic would max out at 4500 or so.

Oh the other hand, being Ottawa, for the most part it’s a crowd that played nice and didn’t go against what was being given to them. Even when those things included bizarre direction for certain talents like Lashley or Omos. Or being given a 20 minute match between Sami and Corbin.

Edge vs. Theory built to an enjoyable final few minutes. However the ending left the crowd sorta dead, and people walking out pretty flat. Although thankfully Edge did some mic work post match, but plenty fans had left by then.

Anyways… Sitting through a 3 hour raw is something my 13 year old self would have dreamed of - but my 39 year old self is not interested in probably doing again. I will give them credit for attempting to keep audience participation going during prolonged TV breaks with the DX cam or the People’s Eyebrow cam etc… Although seeing a bunch of children excitedly crotch chopping for cameras as their parents cheer them on, do make me question a lot of things going on.

Hope the show was an enjoyable watch at home. Probably way more comfortable seats.


Saeed from vancouver.

Looks like I was off on my thoughts from last night thinking it was going into a triple threat angle at Mania for the title. Going to be fun seeing where this goes and how it builds

Asuka continues to look like her old self.

People thought I was crazy when I speculated Demon Finn vs Edge at mania… but its looking more likely!

In person, how was Cody’s reaction? Did it feel like fans were turning on him?

People seemed into him enough, and we’re very excited by his entrance. But the actual substance of his promo seemed short and the focus was all Heyman on the screen.

They smartly kept him away from Sami. But the level of excitement that they got out of the fans was levels apart.

WWE wants you to know they are in the story telling era.
Between the chapters of Bloodline being presented as literal chapters and Cody’s finish the story tagline, how many ways can they hit you over the head with “WWE tells stories”.

It’s funny and this is not a complaint but love seeing the obvious pivot into longer form story telling coming with an actual disclaimer this is what we’re watching now

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