FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/21/22

What did you think of WWE Raw?

I’m not sure Vince would be happy about this but with RK-Bro, Alpha Academy, the Street Profits, and now Owens and Rollins, the tag team division is low key the best thing on Raw. Every week, it feels like the bright spot both in terms of in-ring work and storyline.

I know there are heavy rumours of Cody going back to WWE but considering the rumoured reasons for his AEW departure would it not make more sense for him to go to NWA?

It is very reminiscent of his fathers style of old school throw back wrestling and more serious promos, he could be the world champion and have a heavy influence on creative and talent. NWA would be a lower scale production to AEW but might be more creatively fulfilling for him?

Or who is booking NJPW strong? That’s another option where Cody could have much more control and something NJPW may be willing to give the guy who helped start a revolution, who could also help them break into the North American market?

WWE just seems like the worst option for him unless its for lots of money or a creative role in NXT which I can’t see happening.