FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/24/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Running shows in place is WWE hasn’t been in some time is paying dividends. Vancouver, Everett & Winnipeg have all had hot crowds who want to be loud and enjoy the show. Orton tying in Edge & the last time RAW emanated from Winnipeg was quite a nice touch. Garza/Carrillo is easily TV match of the year so far for WWE. Tremendous from start to finish. Tonight’s betrayal of Drew McIntyre is what I have been waiting for. Forget the goofy jokes and sign pointing, This was everything it needed to be for Drew. Grandpa Jerry & the ladies was fun while the cuck angle didn’t make me question my life tonight. Am I having some sort of fever dream or was this an excellent edition of RAW?

Shockingly good Raw

I really loved the first segment. Kudos to them if they were planning Orton using that call back to 15 years ago. And Owens was a perfect face for the confrontation in Canada.

Drew’s interview was solid. I want them to keep hammering that story home.

Question: after the reception Goldberg received Friday, wouldn’t it be a big opportunity missed to not trot him out on Fox on the Road to WrestleMania? Wouldn’t be the first time they booked themselves into a corner with the Fiend but it just feels like they need to go with the main stream recognized star for Mania build.

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Carl from Cambridge England

Well hopefully the 3rd hour does considerably a lot better this week, Owens vs Orton was a big enough match to keep me invested until the end. How far do you think they’ll allow Randy in terms or using physicality towards Beth next week? surely we see Christian step in sooner or later i hope.

They certainly are conveying to us all that Angel Garza is a very good looking bloke, what do you guys think is Garza the best looking male on this show?? Charly Curuso being weak at the knees for him certainly thinks so…

Lastly when do think we see Cain Velasquez show up again? i was thinking with the congestion going into mania you rightly would hold off, but if we are back into the ppv business i would certainly see him being a fairly big name to consider putting on that mania card. A tag with Rey perhaps.

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Alexander from Portland

Just a question. With a Saudi Arabia show taking place this week, are you more or less excited to watch Smackdown considering who we might not see on the show?

Wes from Winnipeg.

I attended the show live. Overall really fun show to attend live. As usual for Winnipeg events, crowd was hot all night but seemed to lose a little steam in the third hour. Not sure how it came across on TV. Biggest pops were Brock and Becky. The finish to the Owens/Orton match was a little confusing live as most of the crowd didn’t see what happened with the referee
After the broadcast, Rollins and his guys came out and attacked Owen’s, leading to Drew Mcintyre coming out for the save and challenging Rollins to a match. He also claimed Rollins had “tiny balls” and got a loud, tiny balls chant going, with the 8 year old kids in front of me chanting the loudest. McIntyre then beat Rollins in a quick match.
For Main Event Shelton Benjamin beat No Way Jose and Riddick Moss defended the 24/7 Title l, beating Cedric Alexander
Not sure how it came across on TV, but really fun show to see live.

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Liz from Winnipeg

I was at the show tonight as well, I agree with Wes’ remarks overall.

Biggest dud segment of the night was Lana/Lashley. Poor R-Truth got sucked into this nonsense. He’s better off in the 24/7 mix, which isn’t saying much.

Crowd was super nuts for Brock, McIntyre, Becky, and KO.