FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/25/19

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What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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Jake from The Windy City

I decided to watch RAW at real time tonight which I don’t usually do and all I have to say is… That ending was a complete plot twist! What a strange but sublime way to an introduce a storyline going into WrestleMania. Top to bottom was solid and it’s great to see a crowd with enthusiasm tonight and giving Roman huge respect. Yeah, I can tell, Bruce Prichard is definitely back behind the scenes. LOL

The only negative is that I’m not a fan of how the Revival is being showcased right now especially after winning the tag belts.


Solid RAW tonight.

Lio Rush really put on a solid performance and is making “lemons out of lemonade” (As Ronda would say). I envision Lashley bitching Lio to the point that fans start viewing him as a sympathetic figure.

Off Topic: Weight divisions in the women’s division. Good/Bad idea? I see so many different sized female athletes that I feel that is the natural progression.

Eric in Miami

If everyone thought we were getting a big Becky return for Ric’s party 1) The crowd is pissed we didn’t get her 2) Big Dave ruined the party and established himself the heel. Good closing segment


When is the last time Raw was this packed? Honestly surprised they got everything in. Final segment started with 10 min left.

I figure a lot will be said by you guys about Roman so I’ll just say it is nice when they fans do the right thing and welcome a feel good moment like that.

If Ronda’s promo was going for a whiney child who can’t get what she wants from Mommy then she gets an A+. It was almost so bad it worked given the story. But she came off silly.

I liked the insert video for Black.
Sting was a great touch.
Roman and Rollins walking away without acknowledging Dean.
And Batista looked like he found a good new role. He’s always better heel.

The road to Wrestlemania has felt like your trip to All In but I think we finally are on our way now.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I definitely felt Raw has been better then in recent weeks. I don’t like how they just beat their tag champs every week, but at least Black and Ricochet felt like bigger stars this week. Rush vs Balor was also Balor’s best match since his match with Jordan Devlin. Of course the big stories were Roman Reigns and the ending angle with Ric Flair. I liked the closing angle, including Batista dragging a camera man to the door, which is weird in a world where people have private conversations in front of the camera. With Roman, I’m glad he’s back and his cancer is in remission, but I can’t help but feel a little dirty as it seemed that he implied he was blessed in particular, which kind of implies other people who die from Leukemia aren’t. I guess I say this as my cousin died in 2011 from it and my aunt and uncle have never been the same. I see them a lot at family get togethers and maybe I’m just looking way too much into it. So yeah, I will say the show was pretty good though. 7 blue Batista nose rings out of 10.

Paul from New Jersey

I’m so tired of seeing the Revival getting buried week after week. I don’t care if they’re tagteam champions as that doesn’t really mean much when they’re constantly eating pins. Black and Ricochet could have jobbed out a lesser tagteam, but I do understand that they want good workers in the ring with the new guys to get them over. I think once the Revival’s contracts are up we will see them feuding with the Young Bucks.

On a more positive note, I really enjoyed Bálor using psychology to trick Rush into a match. All to often babyfaces are made to look very stupid, but Finn was made to look very smart.

What did you guys think of Rousey’s promo with Stephanie? I realize it was very frantic and a bit messy, but I think it works for the situation. She sounded like somebody who was very pissed off after just being attacked.


Bobby Lashley can cut a promo, they should let him speak for himself.

Jalen from Pickering,

I’m glad Cena shared his top guy, top secret healing powers with Roman. He looked genuinely happy and still looked better than most ever do.
Due to unforeseen circumstances and luck, WWE now has a genuine top guy and gal, and we may actually get a decent build and Mania. Hopefully we can avoid too much Shield stuff, especially against Dogs of War 2.0.
And I’m interested in if Roman being back could in any way sway Ambrose’s decision in leaving.
Also, that’s twice in a row WWE have found a way to avoid Batista’s pyro-less entrance. I sense pre-taped promos and attacks from behind until Mania.

Jay from Colorado

Ended up watching live and it honestly wasn’t a bad experience tonight. There was a lot going on and that made it fairly easy.

The ending segment was confusing though. So Ric Flair was late to his own party, Batista goes into his dressing room and a few seconds later drags out an unconscious Ric Flair. The most rational explanation would be that Ric was already passed out. It would have been a bigger surprise and eliminated confusion if they cut out Batista going into the dressing room and just showed him dragging Ric Flair out of the dressing room.

Also, Tyler Breeze was on TV and even though it was only for like two seconds that made my night.

Alex from Maple

Very average show that I actually watched almost all of.

The Roman segment was great both to start and the Shield tease.

SOme really bad matches (Angle/Jinder, Bayley/Nia) and some decent ones (tag match, Balor).

The Ronda segment was horrible - she’s just terrible at delivering her lines and sounds like an idiot. So fake. Also Becky going out in handcuffs isn’t making this feud any hotter for me.

Flair birthday was okay - HBK looked drunk and they spoiled Sting earlier. No Charlotte was weird. Batista coming out was a surprise as most expected Becky. Still though not excited about seeing these two old guys wrestle.

Average should have been better

Brandon Frm NJ

My dearest El Santos

It’s me been a minute first time long time. I maybe alone but this was one of my fav RAW in a long time and personally I love sushi. Great angles fun ending and the return of the big dog made this a show to remember


-to all the fake cancer people go piss off man you disgust me

-Bautista with the blue nose ring and glasses is that a sign he wants to be on smack down

-hey Wai do I finally have your attention

Joe Po thoughts on this weekends ufc

-did you guys like what the preds and bluejackets did on tradecenter

I’m out of here peace

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Chris from Queensland, Australia.

Without repeating everything, it’s great to hear that Roman is both healthy and cleared to return.

Question: if you have not already discussed it, why was TJP released on Friday?

au contraire mon frere

Tyler from Orlando,

This was a better standard of RAW than the past few months, which isn’t saying much, but I’ll take it. I don’t think The Revival should continue to lose right after they won the titles, I’m happy to see Big Dave back, we all knew he wouldn’t come back as a babyface after last time. The Shield angle made it seem like a tag for Fastlane with Roman involved, surely it’s too soon for him right?