FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/3/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Cool to see Ruby Riott back. Hopefully, Ruby can rescue Liv from the cuck angle. Drew McIntyre sounds comfortable on the mic while Ricochet shouldn’t be allowed to be in the same room as one. I was wondering how they were going to use Zelina Vega while Andrade was out. It must suck when somebody you are tagging with or managing test positive for violationbecause you don’t know how it will affect you. That being said, I thought tonight was great. Vega bringing out Humberto’s cousin Angel Garza who looks like an absolute star. Hopefully Garza isn’t doing weekend update promos in a couple weeks. Sign of the night goes to the guy in the front row with the “Mojo’s only fan” sign. For a crowd that had to deal with a horrible blizzard, I thought this Salt Lake City crowd was pretty lively tonight. 6. What’s up with the WWE not doing house shows recently?

Andrew from Cape Breton

I love wrestling a lot sometimes. I couldn’t imagine in 2008 that this skinny kid with big hair in Chikara would be challenging for the WWE Title, but here we are. I expect this match to be more like a Sanada IWGP Title match, but I’m excited to see what they do with Ricochet. I also liked seeing Angel Garza debut. He wasn’t known by much of the crowd but with a good manager and a shit eating grin, I think he got over as a big heel tonight. I really hope Zelina Vega brings more people in as she could be the next Sensational Sherri or Sunny in WWE. Overall, a pretty good show tonight. The big lowlight of the show was WWE bragging about making their production crew work in extremely dangerous conditions. 6 out of 10 show.


It seemed like a pretty good crowd tonight. It’s a shame they felt compelled to drown out Zelina Vega with WHAT chants.

I’m not normally very excited to see Natalya in the ring, but she and Asuka told a good story and their styles meshed well. Good match.

Please tell me Becky’s Thug Life meme sunglasses are just a one time thing. That is some cringe we do not need on a character like hers.

Did you guys hear there was a snowstorm in Utah? Not sure if this was mentioned.

Honestly this was pretty good! Seems like RAW has a lot going for it right now. 8/10

Finally feels like the Road to Wrestlemania has begun. The show was definitely one of the better Raws recently with lots of build and little silliness.

Though it’s too bad we are going to get Ricochet vs. Brock at Super Show Down that many will skip because Brock usually has pretty good matches with smaller wrestlers.

Anythoughts if you think Charlotte Flair appearing on NXT can close the gap with AEW this Wednesday night?


Nick from Lansing

A surprisingly fun episode of Raw. For me the lowlights were the repeated mention of how dangerous it was for everyone in attendance to be there, but there were plenty of fun matches and story continuations for me to look past it.

I’m not a fan of any heel not giving us a straight answer after a particularly dastardly action, but Orton made it work like few others could tonight. The crowd reacted, and that’s what’s important.

Liv getting a quick win over Lana feels like the right direction to be heading, and I was excited when Ruby Riott’s music hit. I personally thought the Riott Squad was underrated and should have stayed together longer, so the idea of a rivalry between Ruby and Liv has me thrilled.

It was great seeing Garza make his Raw debuts going against Rey Mysterio. It was a fun pairing I hope we see down the road with a bigger spotlight

As fun as the mainevent was, Auska and Nattie stow the show, having what I would comfortably call the best TV match on Raw so far this year. Small sample size sure, but they both went out with something to prove, and Becky coming out with the “I don’t give a fuck” shades was the perfect way to cap it off.

I suspect this will be everyone’s question, but with Charlotte being advertised to NXT, do you think they’ll be able to claw one more ratings victory this Wednesday?

Tyler Crane from Salt Lake City-
What’s up John and Wai. I attended raw live tonight.This is actually the first tv taping We’ve had here in over 12 years. Initially I was kind of concencered the show would get cancelled due to the snow. But luckily the roads were pretty clear by showtime.
Some of my personal highlights were the opening segment with Orton. Just nothing but loud boos for a good five min. Orton is just great as a heel. I thought the Six man tag was great live. Owens was super over. The Charlotte and Rhea segment was a great surprise. Rhea came across like a big star. Also Becky lynch continues to be one of the most over in the company. And the main event was also pretty good. It’s nice to see ricochet get a big win. To bad it’s just gonna lead to Him being decimated by lesnar. Hopefully our enthusiasm and energy leads to more tv tapings or maybe even PPV in the future. Overall a pretty good episode of raw. Can’t wait to chat with you guys in a couple of weeks on rewind a wai. Keep up the great work as always

Chris Thunder from Down Under

I’ll admit I’m more of a casual WWE fan now but the possibility of a Rhea v Charlotte NXT Championship WrestleMania match has me excited.

However the Liv-Lana match & constant What chants at Zelina speaking English are a huge negative.

Lastly I don’t need to see another Gillburg match at SaudiMania, no matter if it’s against the fiend or the bro.