FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/5/18

Leave us your questions and feedback coming out of Monday’s episode of Raw from Des Moines, Iowa.


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Tyler from Orlando

I thought it was a pretty good RAW tonight.

Iowa was a great crowd shoutout to them.

I was happy to see a Bray match actually entertain me in 2018, although I think a lot of that credit goes to Roman as a worker who often gains reactions to his matches.

I assume Finn will be the last member of the chamber and I am curious to see how they fill the rest of the Elimination Chamber card with the only matches announced so far are the 2 chamber matches and Asuka VS. Nia Jax. I’m also thinking Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt will soon have a Hardy compound segment, hopefully it is better than House of Horrors.

7 History making matches out of 10


Chris From Florida

That, in the words of Braun Strowman, was garbage.

I really hate the booking decisions we saw throughout this episode. Nia’s stip is the obvious one. And I could easily see WWE being stupid enough to end Asuka’s streak just to set up a useless and boring 3 way match at mania. I did like Alexa’s promo though and I have to say she was great in that segment and honestly she’s absolutely right.

I also hated the lazy booking and finish to the otherwise decent match with The Shield vs The Bar.

Hopefully Smackdown is better.

3 Hilarious Booker T Social Media Feuds out of 10

Matthew from Australia here. Watched in and out today, but a few key things sparked thoughts. Why is Miz in the Chamber rather than defending his title? I understand they can now push an IC title defense on Raw going into Elimination Chamber, but to me it devalues the title. I really like the idea of Asuka vs Nia, and the Alexa face turn seems promising. If they can pull it off, however, is another question. What does it seem like our card is going to be at both Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania? Keep up the good work, guys.

Remember when Seth Rollins was a main eventer with great gear? Pepper Ridge Farm remembers.

In all seriousness, Raw was pretty good and well paced. Almost every match felt like they had purpose, and with Bray cutting his most succinct promo in years at the top, it made me more interested in his match, even though the winner was never in question. I like what they’re doing with Absolution, but the crowd was pretty gone by that point, with the main event not fairing much better. I hope that this is not the start of an Alexa face turn, as it would make more sense for that to come after being humbled in defeat.

7 Strowman selfie promos out of 10

Jay from Colorado here! Long time listener first time feedbackererer.

Another pretty tough edition of Raw to sit through. Booking was a mess on this show and doesnt give me high hopes for Elimination Chmaber. Elias was definitely the highlight, as was Braun and Bliss. Baylay continues to make me sad every week. Maybe thats her new gimmick, she’s turning everyone into a shrugger. I dont get the point of having the second chance elimination match. Nor do I understand the booking of it.

Who do you guys think the mystery cruiserweight tourney entrants will be? Maybe this is where Rey Mysterio or the Hurricane come back. Oh my god, I just realized I’m actually interested 205 live!

Anyways I give tonight’s Raw a solid 5 little kids getting John Cena shirts ripped out of their hands by adults out of 10.

Im glad to see they’re not fighting the crowd when it comes to Jason Jordan. I dont think they originally wanted him as a heel since they thought him being associated with Angle would automatically get him cheers. The crowd wants to boo him so go with it. So, the WWE does pay attention to its fans when it comes to who they want to cheer and boo. Maybe they ought to do that when it comes to their other wrestlers::cough cough Roman Reigns::

John, your impression of generic rock music is brilliant!

dindurrdurrdiinduurduurduurrr “AH GUT MA BIKE AN MA GUN!”

I’m always happy to see Alexa on the mic, as I think she is probably the best woman talker in the company right now. She never gets too flustered by the crowd and generally gives it as good as she gets without relying on catch phrases. Loved her segment tonight, and honestly couldn’t agree more.

Besides that, just an ok Raw. Could have been worse, could always be better (maybe with less Roman…)

6 outta 10

A couple of things that iwas kinda surprise that john and wai didn’t pick up on during the Angle announcements segment.

First, did i miss something or did Asuka already decided she would face the raw women’s champion at mania? Because i’m pretty sure that last week they didn’T give a decision as to whom Asuka was facing at Mania which made me think that if Nia wins her match against Asuka at the PPV, i doesn’t automatically mean that it will be a triple threat since Asuka could just decided to face Charlotte at mania which leave alexa and nia to go one on one.

Secondly, why is Alexa mad at Angle for the women’s elimination chamber match? Wasn’t it stephanie that made the match last week? In Fact She should be mad a Stephanie for putting her in the match not Kurt who’s just doing his job and announcing the participant in a match that he add nothing to do with as far as booking it.

While Alexa was great in that Segment and Angle was doing is best impression of Hulk Hogan, it made no sense, because of everything that happened with Stephanie and in the drag the show down for me. In the end, still a pretty decent raw overall.