FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/8/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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In the movie Idiocracy, the most popular show on television is something called “Ow My Balls”. Tonight, WWE and Nia Jax gave us “Ow My Hole”. And I’d still rather watch that than Drew vs. Randy Part 857. There were some fine matches on the show but I feel that the constant DQ finishes and lack of consequences make it difficult to get invested.

Tonight’s Raw was equal parts head-scratching & intriguing. For example, why not keep Sheamus a babyface throughout the build to Elimination Chamber in order to create added tension surrounding his friendship with Drew, then turn him heel following the match? Feels like a missed opportunity. Also if they established qualifying matches for the Rumble, why not also have them to obtain spots in the Chamber? Could’ve added additional heat to an already good Styles vs Hardy match.

Love the potential of Lashley vs Lee as a strong midcard match at Mania, & Edge’s promo work continues to be consistent & compelling no matter who he’s in the ring with. Felt like him running down the Miz had a tinge of realness to it, but maybe that’s just me.