FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/1/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Will from Toronto

They teased Miz being a coward so much I didn’t think that we would actually get the match. I’ve never been a Lashley fan and have found him boring up until The Hurt Business gimmick.

However, He’s put his body on the line for my entertainment so I’m happy for him… I just think this should have been done at the next PPV

Erin from Brampton

Man, how weird was it to see Retribution as part of the lumberjacks. A few months ago this would be the type of match they’d interfere in, but now they’re no different from the rest of the mid-low card wrestlers.

I actually liked how the Miz’s show long angle was done. They gave us a reason to tune in to the whole show, and we were given a definitive ending. I was actually expecting Drew to screw over Lashley and let the Miz pin him.

Do you guys think the Miz gets a rematch at Fastlane or will he likely jump into a program with Bad Bunny right away?

Paul from New Jersey

The opening promos told a story, but were a bit meandering. Despite that I really enjoyed the McIntyre/Sheamus match especially the finish. In fact we were given two definitive finishes in the first two matches. That being said, I didn’t like how WWE did Adam Pearce tonight. All of the false starts and MIZdirection lead to a new WWE champion. A show long story with a big payoff at the end. Lots of clean finishes on the show as well. I’ll take this over most Monday night shows. 7.5…

Well that sucked. Why even have a money in the bank briefcase cash-in if you’re going to hot potato the title 8 days later? They could have had a month of the Miz weaseling his way out of matches or winning by disqualification and let the angle develop and mature but instead we go right into Bobby Lashley, who is a charisma vacuum. I assume Drew will fight Sheamus at fastlane for a chance at the title at WM but where does that leave Lashley until then? Lashley is a lame duck champion who will ultimately lose to Drew at WM. It’s like Raw isn’t even trying anymore.

Well tonight was… something. The Drew/ Sheamus match was excellent (although it belonged on a PPV) and had me believing for a moment that the bulk of the show could be quality. And then it felt like we all went flying off a cliff.

It was obvious from the beginning that we weren’t getting The Miz vs Lashley any time before the main event and while I understand that it’s difficult to build what was always going to be a five minute match at the end of a 3-hour show, I don’t understand why they couldn’t just have had Miz dodging the fight and then finally getting called out at the very last minute. It couldn’t have been worse than sitting through two entrances three times each. And to top things off, Miz’s final plea to Shane actually had some good points: he has been one of their most reliable workers and maybe that should have warranted a defence at Mania. (In storyline. No one wanted to see The Miz main eventing Wrestlemania.)

While I was happy to see Mustafa Ali get a win (I’ve been a massive fan of his for years) and potentially a US title shot, I don’t believe for a second that he’s getting any kind of meaningful push.

I usually feel like Raw could have been better but this week I feel strongly that with a great opening match and the anticipation around seeing Lashley get the title, it really SHOULD have been better. I don’t know what that new Creative Director is doing but it looks like she’s run into the same booking wall as everyone else.

  • Drew McIntyre and Sheamus shut it down and it was only the opener. An awesome, physically intense match. The finish was fantastic. I’m down for another on PPV with a title at stake.

  • If Asuka doesn’t get her redemption at WM now that Charlotte has put her in her crosshairs again. I DO NOT WANT IT. (I’d happily take Rhea Ripley in a 3-way dance to circumvent it)

  • There was a lot of Miz-direction with the Miz/Lashley title match but it was the right call to pay off Bobby Lashley’s resurgence by giving him his crowning moment.

  • When are Retribution gonna call it quits?

  • I’m not into a potential Shane McMahon/Braun Strowman match at WM.

  • SmackDown getting the lion’s share of tantalizing matchups for Raymond James Stadium is an indictment on how far Raw has fallen off.

On the whole, I thought this worked as a one-night coronation for Lashley. Doing heel vs heel was always going to be tough, so playing up The Miz as the champ who’s exhausting every option to keep his title for one more week made sense. Bobby reaps the rewards after a night of buildup, & looks like a dominant threat heading into Mania.

Drew’s return was equally strong, & the opener with Sheamus set a high bar for this week’s WWE programming. However the sad truth is that this felt like a satisfying end to a program that never truly got going, & I feel Sheamus & Drew deserved a promoted match at Fastlane.

Only other question is: what other MBA courses do we think Shane is enrolled in?

Alexander from Portland

congrats to Bobby Lashley for suffering through Lashley’s Sisters, an awful wedding storyline with Lana, bending over and showing his ass every week while Lio Rush shouted his name. Bobby Lashley tonight overcame not just The Miz, but some truly horrendous booking, to become WWE Champion. I’m glad WWE isn’t going the WrestleMania VI route and having champion vs. champion since Riddle feels incredibly inferior to Lashley. Here’s hoping the US Title gets some rehab heading into Mania.

5/10 show

Miz was the star of this show. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go but it kept me hooked throughout the whole show. It was the right call for Lashley to take the title off of him. Miz’s title reign was pretty entertaining. Short but sweet.
I was pretty impressed with the Sheamus Drew match.
Braun vs Shane. Interesting matchup but I’m just in for seeing the next big Shane bump.
The double Randy was quite something. This is amazing. I had great laugh.
A lot of filler which was not good as per usual.
My expectations are always low for raw but this show surpassed it barely.