FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/11/19

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What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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Jay from Colorado

Alright, I’m gonna call bullshit on the WWE’s social media numbers. The WWE itself breaks this down on their website pointing out that their Facebook page has 500 million likes, 225 million though Instagram, 221 million through Twitter and 46 million though YouTube. According to their own words: “WWE (WWE) today announced it has eclipsed 1 billion fans through its global social media platforms…”

That’s not 1 billion unique fans, it’s 100 million something fans, maybe, who follow the WWE on multiple platforms. I for instance follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I guess that makes me four people. That’s not to mention all the fake accounts who follow them.

There are 7.7 billion people in the world. That means 13% of the people in the world follow the WWE on social media. There are only 309 million people in the United States. Do they really expect me to believe three times the people who live in the US follow them on social media.

This shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but holy hell it does. Why lie to your own fans about something so trivial? We are already watching your show. Do they think this empowers is to find new viewers for them? Gotta go guys, gonna go tell my friends that the combined populations of Europe, Canada and Australia follow the WWE so they should to.


Didn’t get a chance to watch the whole show, so I just have one question: What was the point of HHH telling Batista that he won’t give him what he wants for five minutes only to give him what he wants?

Also, can you please talk a bit about Captain Marvel? I really liked it despite it not having a lot of action (I hope that this isn’t considered a spoiler).

Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight introduced an interesting moral dilemma. Drew McIntyre viciously assaulted a recovering cancer patient, but in doing so, he stopped a Baron Corbin match from happening. Were his actions moral? This is a question philosophers will be debating for centuries to come. I did like that they are building up McIntyre to be a monster and it seems like he’s facing Roman at Mania. Tonight’s show was ok, 6 out of 10, but I wanted to bring something up. Tonight, there was a great contrast in the ring tonight with Ronda Rousey and Dana Brooke. Dana is a great athlete, but she’s a bad wrestler and cut a bad promo.

It really showed the issues of WWE using the Performance Center to create and groom talent. Ronda, who does certainly have issues, comes across as a star, cuts good promos, with a few bad ones here and there and generally has great matches. I know Dana hasn’t been given as much as Ronda has, but whenever she has wrestled or talked, she wasn’t any good. I guess the question for discussion is, what is the purpose of the performance center if they produce more Dana Brookes then Braun Strowmans? Ricochet and Aleister Black could have been just as polished in a system like OVW where they could work out any kinks before coming to the main roster. I just thought it was quite the interesting contrast between a star who barely trained at the PC to someone who came up completely within the PC, its culture, its trainers, and its style. I know Ronda maybe a once in a generation style of athlete, but most of their main roster is indy guys anyway, so what’s the point? I just felt tonight showed a glaring gap in someone who has been wrestling since 2013, and someone who worked a few months in the PC and a few months with Brian Kendrick.

Sean from Toronto

Wasn’t there a better way to turn Ronda Rousey heel that have her give worked shoot promos about the “carny” pro wrestling industry? Yeah, it generates heat, but it’s the wrong type of heat, since I’m legitimately angry at the things she said and I now don’t care if she stays or goes after Wrestlemania. Also, I didn’t like how they had Dana Brooke come out to do a very passionate promo, only to get a beat down because of it.

Is it just me or did Batista come off as a junkie begging his dealer for one last hit? Not the best way to do a Wrestlemania program.

I do admit that the main event did bring back memories of the Attitude Era hardcore matches, except 20 years ago they didn’t have drunk fans trying to take selfies during the match.

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Jalen from Pickering,

When I looked down thinking the show was almost over and realized it was only 9:30, that was the sign to stop watching for the night.
Why is Bliss hosting Mania, when every talk show segment she’s had has been terrible? Why did they supposedly get rid of rematch clauses, yet Truth and Lashley ended up first in line for a rematch of their title? At least we get to see the demon at Mania.
Also, Seth fighting a guy that’s never on TV who’s never really been associated with Brock on TV is kinda lame. I get the connection, but it’s so loose that it shouldn’t even count. Hopefully the feud can get going once Brock actually appears on TV.

Good evening
Good Brothers,

Just to quickly elaborate on my one of my comments from last night. When I was talking about the logic in Ronda’s timing of her interference in Becky’s match, I’d actually meant that the moment, when it seemed Becky was in actual peril of defeat, was when Ronda interjected- implying she wanted to ensure she gets Becky at Mania. The endearingly-cringey pose afterwards alluded the same.

Speaking of last night, I’m a little bit pleased with myself for seeing Drew-Roman being foreshadowed in that lame-duck match!

Anyway a couple thoughts on tonight’s show:

Can’t wait for the fresh batch of Street Fighter II memes we’ll get from the Braun spot tonight with the car.

Secondly I’m very thankful for the sake of all backstage interviewers that Big Dave held his own mic tonight…

That “Legit Botch Sasha Banks” popped me despite being a little mean.

Speaking of pops, Ambrose’s somersault-sell off the steel-steps did just that for me as well.

6 “What car?”s out of 10.

Oh finally- I really do shoot-appreciate all the trouble with my name!!

Carl from Cloverdale

Show was ok this week. Mania card is coming into a little more focus. 1 thing sticks out to me; is it not insane how much TV time and focus has been put on Braun Stroman for the past 2 + years and again he seems relegated for a comedy spot at Mania? Feels like a really big investment of time and energy that has gone nowhere.

Heyman did mention the tie in for Shelton with Brock on commentary, mentioned the Minnesota wrestling team, etc.