FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/14/22

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Also accepting any thoughts or messages about the passing of Scott Hall.

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Happy birthday Wai.

As someone who never watches WWE, I had it on tonight just to see if Cody actually came out or was teased throughout the show and somehow he wasn’t and we have another top guy on the card without anything to do at Mania. The segment with Rollins and KO arguing over hosting a show with Stone Cold was so cringe. Why would anyone want Seth to host it, with absolutely no story or angle behind it. Yet this crowd somehow cheered this like it was a Better option. Later in the night I texted a friend that they’re giving the main event 30+ minutes as KO came out, 15 minutes later the bell finally rang. No Cody, no sympathy for Seth not going to Mania, and no shot I ever want to share the same room who defends this damn company. They stink. Thanks guys, 3 out of 10 is the best I could give to this.

Happy Birthday to you Wai.

Honestly I don’t really have a lot to say about RAW itself other then the road to WrestleMania feels more miss then hit this year.

I was shocked to see the Scott Hall news, I watched him for around ten years as a kid & still say “Hey yo” all the time. His career is legendary, from his WWF Intercontinental Championship run in the early 90’s, to then his time in WCW as a founder of the nWo. I also recently watched a NJPW match of Scott Hall vs a young Tanahashi, in what is a hidden gem of his carrer. Thankful to DDP for giving people like Hall & Robberts a second chance at life.

RIP the bad guy.

The Scott Hall video package was definitely the highlight of the night for me. Impressive that they managed to put something that good together on such short notice but it’s really sad that they had to. RIP.

No Cody, although I’m still thinking that he’s Seth’s likely opponent for Mania, unless they’re planning on surprising us with Veer. Not a great sign, though, when the main talking point of your show is the guy who didn’t show up…

I really hope this is the last time they run back Bianca vs Doudrop, at least for a while. The two have decent chemistry but Doudrop is now 0-5 over three months in singles matches. Stop, stop, she’s already dead.

Happy birth Wai and thanks to both of you for all you do!