FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/16/20

What did you think of WWE Raw from the Performance Center?

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Paul from New Jersey

I was going to make an attempt to be funny in this feedback, but with the announcement of mania still going on even if from the performance center & the show itself put me in a very sour mood. Turned the show off. Send these performers home. Let them be with their families. This show must go on attitude feels less like a badge of honor & more like douche baggery. Have a wrestlemania clip show & move the event itsel later in the year. I defend this company a lot, but this just seems too disgusting for me. Show/company gets a one this time. Stay safe guys.


I’ll tell you this much, they made Stone Cold Steve Austin look lame A F

A few things:

  • this is an amazing opportunity for WWE to change their format and get creative with presenting content. They seem hellbent on not doing that and Friday and tonight were embarrassing excuses for TV shows…
  • that brings me to AEW who has shown they can package together unique shows not rooted in a stale 3 decade format.
    Prediction: whoever comes out of the next few weeks with the more interesting way to present Wrestling characters and story are going to not just win current ratings war but be in the driver seat for the Wrestling viewer going forward, regardless of night
  • WWE has officially devalued their Network beyond pale. They aren’t event trying to drive subscribers, just giving away marquee matches from the last few weeks big shows. What a strategy for the content library but I think it’s because…
  • WWE has its back against the wall to produce and deliver original content to its Network partners. If they don’t, those networks won’t have to pay - we know the WWE get paid per episode delivered because they report this way on quarterly earnings (citing how many weeks of TV they had in a period). If they have to stop running shows that meet the obligation to the Networks, they are out of real revenue streams right now.
  • depending on how long that plays out that is really bad
  • on Mania, I think what is lost on many is the insurance implications of hosting Mania on Apr 5th (and therefore loss of a gate and other revenue) vs moving it to another date. I know everyone will point to how financially stable the are but based on what we can infer about TV rights, that’s not so true right now.
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Joe from Niagara

I’m sure everyone is thinking the same thing, but man this whole performing in front of no audience is just weird. I can only image how watching a 7 hour WrestleMania in this environment is going to feel like. I think there’s has to be at least 3 people on commentary durning the show at all times, if not more. Strictly because when they stop talking, and the show is silent, it is so awkward to watch.

Not sure if Taker has been watching the news, but I’m pretty sure sticking his fingers down another persons throat is highly frown upon.

Edge still was able to cut an amazing and intense promo that actually makes me want to watch his match with Randy even more.

Not even going to touch the Austin Segment.

Lastly, I just want to thank you John and Wai, listening to your podcasts is a welcome distraction to the harsh reality we are facing. Also appreciate all the news updates via twitter and post shows. Wishing you guys and the rest of the post community all the best, stay safe, stay home. We will get through this together.

I think the performance center show attempt has run its course. It’s not worth watching for an hour let alone two or three.

Jake from The Windy City

Tonight’s episode of WWE Raw was far from perfect, but I felt the company did their best to produce something entertaining and also add some build to WrestleMania but I’m in the minority. The Edge interview was great, airing the Rumble not only filled time well but also adds to the build for Drew McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar and allows everyone to see Drew’s big win. Kevin Owens cut a good promo, Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio was pretty good and sets up a rematch, while the Becky & Taker segments were designed to build Mania matches as well. The Austin segment, I’ll say, did not work well. The 3:16 Day jokes were pretty rough and obviously it didn’t help that Austin didn’t have a live crowd to play off of. I think it’s dumb that they made him read off cue cards. All things considered, Austin and Lynch having a beer bash was good fun and gotta give Byron credit giving a Rock-style sell on the Stunner.

By the way, I really enjoyed last night’s special Roundtable with Nate and Andrew, it was really informative and served a great purpose in these trying times.

Stay safe, gentlemen! Cheers!

Alexander from Portland

What an odd show. I feel terrible for Edge. Part of his story is him coming back from injury and finishing his career on his terms. Nope, corona virus caused him to have to cut a promo in front of nobody. If we could hold this feud in abeyance until the match could take place in front of a crowd, I wouldn’t be mad at all.

Question: there were rumors going into Mania that we’d get a TLC match, a Hell in a Cell, possibly a ladder match. If Mania is happening at the PC in front of a crowd of zero, do you think matches like this are possible to happen?

Why not just put on that interview with Austin and Bret Hart for the whole show, and let Edge send in a selfie video? An 11 hour journey is ridiculous, can’t imagine it with a fucked up neck. That segment at the end of the show reminded me of when I was 10 and I would play Stone Cold’s music and strike his poses in my basement. Except, after watching that, I’m going to go take a bath in Purell. That was weird, and gross. Mania in July sounds like a much better option than whatever they’re planning right now.

Hey guys
Im sorry but other than the first 15 mins the rest of the show was skippable and I know they are in a tough position however is was painful to watch today. They made Steve Austin, one of the greatest talkers ever read off cue cards. Are you serious.
Thank goodness for edge bringing his a game because otherwise this would have been a 0 out of 10

Joey from Geelong Australia

Chris from Pennsylvania,

I don’t want to be overly critical, because these performers are trying to make the best of a terrible situation. That being said, there’s no reason for anyone not recording a podcast to watch these shows live. Tonight was about 30 minutes of solid content stretched across 3 hours. Edge’s promo was great, Becky’s was good and Asuka was awesome on commentary. And this year’s men’s Royal Rumble is still great, but I didn’t necessarily need to see it tonight.

Tenese from GA

What a weird show, it had it’s moments like Edge’s promo and Asuka’s commentary but it was still weird. Vince should be ashamed of himself still trying to do mania. I mean really he can take the hit, he’s not like these indy promoters who spent large amounts of money waiting to get the word so they won’t go out of business.

Everyone stay safe out there.

Wow just wow, I remember being 7 years old , live in the joe seeing stone cold jump off that zamboni. I remember it was so many signs I could barely see, an pop is still the loudest I’ve ever heard live, an just to see this man do his entire entrance to a empty PC was soo cringe.

But A for effort i guess. Besides the edge promo, an Rey v Andrade all the live segments were pure comedy. 4 out of 10 Byron hell yeahs

Chris Thunder from Down Under.

Looks we’re geting at least these empty arena WWE shows for the next 4 weeks.

I’m sorry but I can’t say much positive for tonight, and the fact WrestleMania is going ahead in the PC has me shocked.

Was so sad to hear Shazza McKenzie on Wrestling Observer Live today, hope she can get home soon.

Also Melbourne City Wrestling has cancelled their show for this weekend while Pro Wrestling Australia is now running a Empty Arena event with streaming.


  1. Is the “WWE NXT UK TAKEOVER DUBLIN” set for April 26th now also in question of continuing for that date?

  2. How do you expect AEW to handle the situation going forward? If I was them I would try to bulk tape Wednesday and splice in some Best of Dark onto the Dynamite show & vice versa for Dark.

Will from Toronto

Auska on commentary was amazing! Glad I PVR’d the show though because I couldn’t watch the Rumble again. I give the show an 8/10 because I’m generous and there’s nothing else to watch.

I’m kinda conflicted as to what they should do.

There is an argument they just air classic content but all that will do is highlight how awful the current product is. What makes more sense for Raw is to air the NXT Takeover shows as potentially that could drive more people to watch NXT on Wednesday night.