FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/18/19

Leave us your feedback for tonight’s episode of Raw.

I will be joined by Garrett Gonzales from the Wrestling Observer site and Fight Game podcast.

The show will be up late tonight.


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Alex from Maple

Not a fan overall. The Ronda segment was great and the initial Brock and Seth interaction was good too. Angle vs Gable would have been great a few years ago but Angle isn’t Angle anymore.

BUt things like the women’s tag title build, the underwhelming Corbin announcement, and in general just a lackluster build to wrestlemania has been sad.

Last year I bought a last minute ticket and sat ringside for Wrestlemania because it had so much (Nakamura/AJ, Ronda debut, Bryan return, Asuka/Charlotte, UT/Cena,Brock/Roman).

This year just seems so unexicitng - Asuka doesnt even have a match, and Corbin is facing Angle. I honestly am more excited for Takeover

Sean from Toronto

This week I had Raw on in the background as I did other things. All I’ll say is that Baron Corbin was the most predictable (and boring) choice as Kurt Angle’s Wrestlemania opponent and that heel Ronda Rousey should do less talking and more squashing.

Andrew from Cape Breton

“You may have beaten leukemia Roman, but at Wrestlemania, you won’t beat me” has to be the most pro wrestling line I’ve heard in awhile. Had he said, this Friday at the Omni, it would have been fantastic. Raw was interesting tonight. Dana Brooke had the best match of her career, and Ronda’s whole night felt weird. Not that she did anything bad, but that she came across as this bad ass. It was like how Becky Lynch was when she turned heel. She got yelled at by a referee for showing up late and shrugged it off like a bad ass babyface would. And no offence to Dana Brooke, but nobody cares about her. I know they tried to get people behind her, but she usually puts out bad matches when she wrestles, and she barely does that. I know Natalya and Bayley are doing something else, but they may have been better choices for this as they are people the crowd might have sympathy for when they get beaten like that. I guess I’m thinking people are gonna start cheering her again with how she was presented tonight. And lastly, it is kind of funny that the heat they are getting for Baron Corbin is based on him being really bad, and people wanted Kurt Angle to face a good wrestler for his last match. Anyway, ok show, 6 out of 10.

Paul from New Jersey

My takeaways

A Chicago crowd chanted “We want Cena”

Tamina Snuka has merch

Alexa Bliss gets fed the worst writing

Jinder Mahal, Apollo Crews and No Way Jose and Dana Brooke received Decent time on the show tonight. Seems less like a build up to mania and more like an episode of Maine Event. Seth Rollins fell prey to block Lesnar’s music. 4 out of 10 tonight.

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Jay from Colorado

I get that Kurt Angle is older, slower and not able to do what he used to, but there’s got to be a better retirement match opponent than Corbin. Having Corbin be the boss at the end of this retirement tour is like having Malakith from Thor: The Dark World be the end boss at the end of Avengers: Endgame. No one wants this.

Jalen from Pickering,

This Seth build sucks. He’s busy fighting battles with and for his Shield boys while Brock stands there and does nothing. He has more beef with Drew than Brock at this point.
I think it’s fair to say that Braun has fully achieved Ryback status.
And hopefully the Kurt match is a quick squash. I don’t care who wins, just make it quick and painless.