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Tenese from GA

Raw was so-so with a damn good closing segment. I hate trying to put everyone on the card, just have the people that matter, and that’s it. An even better idea, make the wrestlers on your roster compelling to want your audience clamoring for them to be on the cards. Logan is in the role he’s supposed to be in, total sleaze. Gable is so good; he would kill it with the juniors in New Japan now. Bianca continues to look like a geek; this build could have been better. She and Asuka better have a damn good match at mania. While they alluded to it next week, I hope they hone in on this whole run from Roman not based on dominance, but insecurity since his first run on top was a failure.

Take care, good people.

Eddie from Austin,

Evening John and Wai! I did not watch RAW, instead I was playing 2K23, so I thought I’d give some thoughts on the new game as John had asked about it Friday.

First off, when I say I was playing the game, I mean I have been setting up an absolutely bonkers Google Sheet to organize my Universe Mode, while periodically refreshing Community Creations to see what new wrestlers and PPV shows have been uploaded. I’ve pretty much fleshed out my roster, just waiting for WhatsTheStatus’s Brody King to drop and need to update a bunch of renders.

I won’t go into the details of my Universe set up, but I’m cautiously optimistic about the new Rivalry system. It reminds me of Wrestling Revolution 3D a bit.

The bugs don’t bother me really. The gameplay is great, graphics exceptional, and improvements worth the cost of a yearly upgrade. I didn’t think the Cena showcase was as interesting as the Rey one last year - I think they should have stuck with dubbing narration over the cut scenes if we weren’t going to get any commentary - but I’m always amazed at how WWE can convince me to root for Randy Orton halfway through a match.


From a ratings perspective it’ll be very interesting if Roman and Cody held an audience til 11pm on RAW when RAW has slumped lately. Odd choice pushing the segment to close the show this week. Should make for interesting ratings report tomorrow.

Good luck on the rest of the Road to WrestleMania. Looking forward to the coverage!

Nas from NYC

This version of Roman Reigns is too good for this to end right now. He’s like the perfect Batman villain. I know I’m in the minority but I feel Roman should retain and Jey being the one take him down eventually.

Logan Paul is amazing. Who do you think wins between him and Rollins?

A productive episode with a baller ending segment. As expected, the Cody/Roman faceoff was tantalizing. The allusions to the competition and Cody’s part in it weren’t heavy-handed and Cody returning fire tenfold and getting Roman shook was tremendous. The Owens/Zayn segment was heartwarming and it got where it needed to with them challenging the Usos for the tag titles. When it closes night 1, it should silence any doubts about the tag titles being a consolation prize.