FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/25/19

Leave your feedback for tonight’s Rewind-A-Raw.

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Wrestlemania does seem to be shaping up decently. It sucks that work will likely prevent me from seeing the majority of it, but I’m sure I’ll at least be able to catch 3 or 4 out of the potential 8 hours this show could end up being. Watching Wrestlemania is like a full time job. The show wasn’t too bad and it seemed to do a good job building up the big Mania matches. I like how WWE has to skip around TNA when talking about Kurt Angle’s past. I will be excited for future POST Wrestling podcasts that might feature Dan Lavranski. You guys could talk about your past together, and just leave it at that before moving on. Highlight of the show was the main event and them really getting behind a monster heel in Drew McIntyre. 6 loses by the tag champions out of 10.

Paul from New Jersey

I sometimes go back and watch the Revival debut on the main roster. Compare the pop they got that night with the almost non-reaction tonight. Very sad state of affairs for the Revival.

Colin Jost and Michael Che are actually extremely funny comedians. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and watching Michael Che perform at the Stand Comedy Club in New York. With that being said, this just doesn’t seem to be translating. They got a bit of a reaction tonight, but it’s just not clicking. Question, I first heard Braun on some Jericho podcast with Gallos in Anderson. He was super funny and engaging. Do you think this is hamstringing Braun the same way a wrestler can be cursed by being a great worker? Braun is a super funny guy with a great personality, but I don’t think his best to use his mid card comedy

Being from New Jersey, I totally thought MetLife Stadium was in my state. apparently, it’s in New York. We really are New York’s dirty mistress aren’t we?

Screw Boston

Let’s go Yankees!

Steve from Cambridge

Braun is the new Big Show.
Samoa Joe is the best.
Alexa Bliss doesn’t work for me in this role.
This show is too long.
It’s sad to see Angle wrestle.

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Rob from Mississauga,

Decent episode of Raw as almost all of the matches seem to just be in neutral for this week and next week until Mania. Joe losing to Angle was a little bit of a shock. Does this mean that Angle might actually beat Styles tomorrow on Smackdown?

Question: I know it’s a little off topic, but what did you guys think about the new Avengers suits that were revealed in the new Avengers trailer? I’m probably in the minority, but they gave me bad vibes of the Raw and Smackdown geek shirts.

My dearest King Kamayamaya’s

It’s been awhile gentleman how are you. I’ve been missed what’s new? Any Whoo Wai it is I your loyal servant Seaweed Sorbet and I come baring a raw report. It was like Ryerson’s season lots of ebbs and flows dug the Samoa Joe/Angle match. I feel bad seeing angle work his neck looks like it’s being held together by hopes, dreams and gorilla glue. Corbin still dressed like a banker at Bank of America and the lunatic grinder dean ambrose auditioning for his run in CZW by losing yet another hardcore match.


-What did you think of all the guys and gals finally free from their Lucha Undergrad contracts

-John is Pettis back…till he fights a grappler

-that trophie that okada won looked like he got it from Chuckie Cheeze after he went on a 20 game winning streak in pop a shot

-13 days nyc fellas Sunday afternoon broadway comedy club I’m pointing at the sign Wai. I got some questions to ask you…BRO

I’m out of here peace

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If asked will Ronda do the job or would she have a problem doing so?.

While Charlotte has all the credentials in the world. The cynical side of me can’t help but think she’s there to take the fall.

I don’t think she’d necessarily have a problem doing the job… but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re saving that. I expect her to go away for a bit after Mania.