FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/26/18

What did you think of Raw?

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Brandon from Oshawa

I cant remember a Raw that was this bad in a while. It was terrible. With the exception of the HHH & Steph video and Elias, there were no redeeming qualities about this show at all. At this point, I’m ready to just get to Wrestlemania. The only intrigue I have in the 1 Raw and 2 Smackdowns before Mania, is what will happen with Bryan, Owens & Zayn.

I do have an NXT question for you guys, I’m wondering your thoughts on Kyle O’Reilly and where he goes from here, with Bobby Fish on the shelf? He has a unique style for the WWE and I think he could be a kick ass babyface if he breaks off from The Undisputed Era.

Mark from Vaughan

This was a flat show. Not necessarily bad, but it doesn’t feel like we’re 13 days from Mania. Roman & Brock basically ran back the same angle from last week and they’re actually waiting for the go-home to make Cena vs Taker official. I don’t understand the logic, even though we all know it’s happening.

Question: This isn’t related to Raw but with the news that Shane McMahon is dealing with diverticulitis, who do you think will end up teaming with Bryan against KO & Sami? I’d like for it to be a big name or surprise rather than someone like Dolph. Would seem like a cool spot for Joe but that’s obviously unlikely for a myriad of reasons.

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Jay from Colorado.

Rough edition of Raw. Like really rough. My only highlight was Nia Jax calling Alexa Bliss a “little Bliss”, then correcting herself and calling her a “little bitch”. I’m not sure what the original intention was, because calling someone a “little Bliss” seems like a nice little compliment, but they usually don’t say bitch on Raw. Maybe they do and I just blissed it.

They missed a huge opportunity by not having Vanguard 1 come out and stalk Cole for a few minutes.

I’m really sorry to hear about Shane McMahon, Diverticulitis is no joke. It nearly killed me and left me in a state where I’ve been unable to work for years due to horrendous chronic pain and nausea. Thank god I live in Colorado, if you know what I mean. Thoughts and prayers to Shane on a quick and speedy recovery.

Jesse from the 6

After two good weeks building up Roman, they’ve undercut themselves with a farcical beat down last week and this week, Roman just looks like a stupid failure.

With the the return of Daniel Bryan, criticism of Roman’s position as the top babyface will only intensify. Given this, I wonder if you know of any actual data that supports the idea that Roman should be positioned as the top babyface? For example, is his merch the best (or among the best) selling? Are his TV segments consistently the highest rated every week? Are live show attendances significantly higher when Roman is main eventing? Do Network subscriptions increase when Roman has big matches? (I think this one highly unlikely).
Are there any wrestlers who do routinely move the needle on any of the above metrics?

Take Care

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Steve from BC

Not much praise for Raw tonight. Aside from some OK promos and video packages this was a pretty forgettable episode. It seems that the no showing, don’t give a shit Brock, has been totally scrapped and now we just get the same beat down every week. I don’t even know who I’m supposed to be cheering anymore. I thought the Stephanie/HHH video was really good and this is what Steph needs to be. Arrogant and cocky. But I really hope they don’t try to have her go toe to toe with Ronda at Mania. She needs to turn scared and helpless up to 10 as soon as Ronda gets ahold of her. Bayley and Sasha has been one if the better built fueds in the last few weeks, way better than Charlotte and Asuka in my opinion. But it’s a shame that they’re gonna be thrown into a meaningless battle royal. And where was the apology from Michael Cole for the 14 minutes of Cena and Kane I was subjected to? That flat out sucked.


Ash from India

I could literally hear crickets when Cedric made his entrance. The WWE audience obviously could not care less about Cedric or Mustafa. I think it would be a huge mistake if they put the Cruiserweight Title match on the main card at Wrestlemania. The damage it does to those guys, I don’t think they’ll ever recover from that. They should close the kick-off show.

The video package feat the McMahons was great. They always impress me with that kinda stuff. Paige couldn’t have been more obnoxious, baby girl.

At this point, would you even have Taker appear next week? “Do something” to accept the challenge at all? Or save it for Mania?

Eddy from Charleston, SC

I’m sorry you guys had to review this show. Maybe the great NJPW event colored my expectations, but I didn’t feel anything added intensity or interest in any of the upcoming mania matches. The cognitive dissonance required to differentiate between Steph and Triple H the on screen heels and their corporate behind the scenes friendly baby-face marketing drones has reached an all time high. Seeing Rousey run backstage and hugging Hunter in the WWE24 doc and then watching a promo about how they’re intent on embarrassing Ronda just doesn’t work.

Brock and Roman feel like they’re running in place and every other segment save the Bayley/Sasha brawl felt uninspired and at times down right boring. If the Cena/Kane match is any indication of the level of effort we’re in for from Cena/Taker… well I hope it goes on last so I can turn off the network before midnight this year.

2 out of 10