FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/30/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Are you guys excited? Goldberg vs Roman Reigns is happening this weekend, potentially on my birthday on the Saturday. Man, it would suck if something randomly happened and the match was changed the day before the show. Did you guys see that clip BT Sports put out on Drew McIntyre? It was incredible. They have 3 hours of nothing for TV, but they couldn’t put that on? It’s getting harder to write feedback on shows that didn’t have much to them. The only thing these past few weeks made me realize was how bad the commentary has been this past year. When a crazed woman screaming in a foreign language is better then your regular commentary, something is wrong. 4 out of 10 show.

Great opening promo with Taker. Who knows what the match will be like, but if they’re going to go the reality route, that’s a good way to do it.

I thought the Becky Shana exchange was really effective, and makes Baszler feel like a real threat to Becky’s reign. WWE has been smart about tying in the matches they’re recycling and showing Becky’s moment of triumph a year ago only helps seeing Shana take down Becky more brutally than even Ronda over the last couple weeks

Pretty solid 6 man tag, good action and it’s nice seeing Austin Theory getting a shot on a “bigger stage” despite all the circumstances around it. But the highlight was the Owens promo right after. The man has convection when he speaks

Edge also came out with a passionate promo fully of fury. Those Canadian boys came to work.

Heyman cut a typically solid Heyman promo that got both guys over, the only hope is that they still give Drew the win even without the crowd to cheer him on.

Not a bad episode, it feels like they’re figuring out the kinks that come with doing the show in the PC


This doesn’t feel like WrestleMania it feels closer to a SuperShowdown

That said, I loved this card as it was originally constructed prior to the change in plans. I feel it would have been a very cool Mania to be at - both personally and just in general.

That the videos and promo packages for the build have been on the money, and the card isn’t taking place in front of a true Mania crowd is bitter sweet. Maybe next time they can do Mania they realize this is how to build matches. Less is always more. Make us crave the fight. Just don’t do it in a empty planet fitness next time.