FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/5/18

Leave us your quick thoughts on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw and any questions you have for Wai and I.

Tune into Rewind-A-Raw later tonight.


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What do you guys think about the camera cuts they have been doing lately? In the span of 31 seconds after Bayley pinned Mandy Rose there were LITERALLY 25 camera cuts. Borderline nauseating, Any takes on what they are trying to accomplish showing it this way?

Finally getting to some Mania matchmaking which kept the show flowing

6 Mizzies out of 10

Jesse from the 6

What the heck was the point of Steph adding the “must be a member of the active roster” stipulation to Ronda’s opponent choice, just for Kurt to say, “Oh yeah, Steph, you also have an active wrestler’s contract” two minutes later?! Not only is it poor storytelling, it’s bizarre storytelling. Why bring up such a clause at all if you’re just going to negate it minutes later?

And how is Steph an active member? When did she last wrestle? 2013?

That aside, I think Raw hit most of the points they needed to tonight. I was entertained by Elias and Braun (even if the match itself was just so-so) and I like that the IC match at 'Mania is a three-way and not some five or six man.

The Cena-Golddust segment was truly bizarre. All in all, 6 Elias kimonos out of 10.

Take Care

You know it’s truly Mania season when all the part timers come back to get involved.

Also to be honest I’ve never been a huge fan of Ronda Rousey even dating back to here time in the UFC. So when she said that she’s a full time wrestler with no special treatment I burst out in laughter. The woman has never had a televised match and has only been with the company about a month but gets a heavily featured match at WrestleMania. Yeah no special treatment my ass.

If the crowds continue to grow louder towards being anti Ronda, how will she & the WWE handle it?

Not a terrible Edition of Raw… Loved what they did for the Mizzies, Miz must have some really good friends in Production.

Really didn’t like Roman yelling at Paul to respect the title, felt weird after he was dragging the US Title around last year.

Jay from Colorado.

They found the only thing that can possibly make the Wyatt/Hardy feud interesting again, the inclusion of the greater Hardy universe. Hopefully Vince lets Hardy take the reins all the way on this. I’m just happy to see Vanguard 1 again…

Any truth to the rumors of WWE not wanting to extend Bricks co tract because of him possibly being involved in the new steroid story? I dont know if I’m being worked or what, please make sense of it.

Brandon from Oshawa

I thought there was a lot of good and some kinda questionable stuff this week. I thought Kurt Angle had one of his better weeks in a long time this week. The Mizzies was hilarious. Elias & Braun, Sasha & Bayley and the main event angle were all solid as well. Sasha & Bayley seems like such a simple story right now, but I think they’re doing a great job with it. I’m expecting when they finally hug, for Sasha to turn on Bayley, but it would be interesting to see Bayley be the one to turn. I also liked the announcement of the Ultimate Deletion.

As for the questionable…I dont really get The Revival losing. I do not see anything substantial for the Raw tag titles at Wrestlemania right now. I dont think Ronda should have got her hands on Stephanie yet, its too soon still. I was intrigued at Goldust interrupting Cena, it was something different, but it didnt really go anywhere and what was with that movie trailer with the cut ins of Undertaker, Bray & Kane? I thought that was lame and odd.

Question…There is a UFC Fight Night card on March 17, I know it is in England, but what are your thoughts on WWE shooting an angle of some sort at the show, with Brock/Roman? They could just have Brock in the crowd watching and have Roman confront him at the show and maybe show footage off cell phone cameras. I think it would be something cool and different.

Mj from Nj

Question for John: based on what you know about Rhonda from covering her MMA career, do you think she’s studying Charlotte or Asuka and wants to reach their level? I’d love to imagine a Rhonda watching that Asuka reversal into the Arm bar and wanting to be able to pull that off.

Also, will you go to All In?

With Spring training in full force here in beautiful sunny Florida with your reigning,defending,undisputed Universal Canadian champions the Toronto Blue Jays. The Dub Dub E decided to celebrate by putting on a spring training show of their own. Here are my highlights as I watched this whole show in fast forward: Nice work punch by Kurt! It was meant for Triple H, but ended up somewhere in the 7th row.
Looks like Sasha and Bayley are doing the Ambrose/Rollins Shield storyline. Will they fist, I mean hug at the end. Stay tuned!
Nia Jax lost her smile, Revival lost all credibility, John Cena lost track of what day it was, and Braun lost Elias but found him a week later. Good for you Braun! I did watch the last segment. Great job by both men to continue the progression of this story and keeping me wanting more. I give this show 3 Blue Jay wins so far out of 10.