FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/8/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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This is the first RAW I’ve watched in a long time. I was buoyed by your semi-positive review of last weeks show, hoping I was going to see some form of consistency within the WWE RAW narrative environment, their “MCU.” But alas, it’s back to being a weekly Diuretic of WWE’isms.

I liked the Miz’s promo, but it was another, what my Dad would call a “Rolls Can’Ardly,” a car that ROLLS briskly down one hill and CAN’ARDLY get up the next. Miz is just too pure for the WWE, but he honestly shouldn’t be anywhere else, he’s a lighthouse in the shitstorm that is RAW.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus’s “HOSS FIGHT 2: HOSS HARDER” was pretty good. I really enjoyed watching two beefy grown men smack their bucket covered heads together. Clangy noise Hoss Fights makey Vince’s Grapefruits very swol, very swol indeed.

I really hope this Wyatt/Orton program culminates in a triumphant Wrestlemania return for Randy’s own Wrestlemania Ramp Cum snake.

Also, AJ vs. Randy was some good work… And then the most predictably WWE Diuretic leads to another downpour of goofy muddbutt shit stream… Farm to Table, from Vince’s anus to our stupid mouths.

Thanks for the great shows, I can go back to living a life free of losing 3 hours and more Post-Wrestling Rewind-A-Raw.


Ooof. This was bad. From a quick turnaround for Miz/Lashley, to Rock Em Sock Em Drew and Seamus, I thought this was going to be not a good episode. Then we got the whole stupid (and I am using that word better here than Shane did) story with Braun and Shane. I feel that is leading by far as the worst segment of the year. It got so bad, I put on my vinyl copy of an old Genesis album as a soundtrack, and I enjoyed it a lot more. And we end with another round of how to freak out Orton part 55. I’ve honestly lost count of this, and I am genuinely afraid of what they have planned for those 2 at Mania. Raw as a whole sucked. 2 out of 10. Richard from East Selkirk.

I’m almost afraid to admit that I like segments of Raw now because whenever we get something good, it’s then repeated for weeks with diminishing returns. Having The Miz get a rematch and last two segments and a commercial break against Lashley was not as compelling as him getting crushed like a bug last week. Adding a no DQ stip for Drew and Sheamus 2 didn’t make for a more interesting match.

That said, I would have taken more repetition over whatever the hell is going on with Shane and Braun Strowman. I mean, maybe they have some angle planned out but I somehow doubt it.

It surprised me a little that there was nothing done to acknowledge International Women’s Day. I’m pretty sure that they’ve noted it in years past.

I don’t want to be entirely negative but it’s harder this week than most. Lashley’s new entrance package/ light show was very cool looking. And they did get their pyro to work pretty well.

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This show was a bummer. If people aren’t off the Fiend train already, having us wait nearly 3 months for his return with goofy segment after goofy segment certainly isn’t a sustainable way to build to what I imagine WWE will position as a marquee Mania match.

The Shane-Strowman segments are equally foolish & I’m genuinely unsure where this cartoonish animosity appeared from in the first place, but I am semi-confident that their Mania bout could be a fun car crash.

Everyone worked hard in the two big rematches, but it feels like we’re dragging our way into Fastlane at this rate. And to cap it all off: it appears as though Reginald is going to bookend our Monday’s & Friday’s. Lovely.

Looking ahead: Given all of his positive buzz & booking, do you think Lashley should drop the title at Mania or have several strong defenses & build Drew back up to win at Summerslam?

Brody from Vancouver.

I haven’t watched a full episode of Raw in almost 3 years. Last night was the first PPV I’ve tuned into to watch live since the Rumble 2017. You guys have kept me up to date and I appreciate it.

Bobby’s new entrance and presentation is so refreshing to see. Braun/Shane bores me to tears. Randy/AJ went exactly how I thought it would and I still don’t know who we’re supposed to cheer for.

Question, how has Sheamus been in Drew’s shadow for 20+ years? He’s a 4 time world champ, KOTR, Money in the bank winner, multiple time tag champ all while Drew was in 3MB and riding the indies. I get the jealously logic but the shadow line confused me.

AEW question, do you think there’s any chance they completely reshoot the explosions on Dynamite this week during a Moxley promo as a proper write off and try to justify that Sunday was on purpose?

Man that Braun/Shane segment made me instantly forget about anything bad AEW did last night. What an embarrassing mess of a segment. Was Shane high? Or was he just not aware RAW was a live show?

Horrendous show overall