FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/9/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Tonight’s promo from Becky Lynch was great. You can tell she is trying her best to help get Shayna over to the main crowd. That being said, Charlotte/Ripley is a dead feud to me. No idea why they are fighting. Some thing about millennials. I hope for Drew McIntyre‘s sake PETA doesn’t have a robotics section. I guess we are done with that? Edge/Orton was great again, but overall, the show gets a 5. Too many matches that don’t matter or end up in a DQ.

Question, either of you hear Lawler call Asuka…Akaana? Uncle Jerry sounded very tired on this show.

Joe from Niagara
Hey guys. It’s been a while, but before I begin let me get in my comment count down … 3… 2…1.
Love the momentum behind Drew. The crowd is really behind this guy and so am I. Great promo by AJ Styles tonight.
I have to say, the potential I see in Angel Garza is insane, Man this guy is just oozing with charisma. Quick question following up on Elimination Chamber, can you guys see some sort of alliance or tag team between Bryan and Gulak or just a one and done thing with them ?

Edge, whose wife was just attacked last week, no pyro, no poses. Rhea Ripley, comes out in a supposedly “surprise” appearance, and gets pyro and poses. One is Vince’s vision, the other probably comes from the mind of a kid from Orangeville. Also, Charlotte still has a terrible WOOO!
The AJ promo had to be the first time Undertaker was called Mark on WWE TV which was an interesting way to go. Calling out someone else’s wife might have been influenced from his feud with Samoa Joe. (WENDY!) Do you think Michelle McCool makes an appearance at the contract signing, or is in Taker’s corner at Mania?
Likely or Unlikely. Paige announces that her recent surgery has lead to her being able to make a comeback, and she challenges Bayley for the title at WrestleMania?

Andrew from Cape Breton

So, a few months ago, Erick Rowan stuck his hand into the cage and his hand came out with blood. Now tonight, we had Drew McIntyre murder this man’s pet for no reason. I know last week it looked robotic, but based on TV, it’s supposed to be a real spider. I was reminded of when Earthquake squashed Damien and made Quakeburgers out of the snake. Will Drew be making Haggis out of the spider? It definitely feels like Erick Rowan will likely be joining Ricochet on main event. That show seems to be getting so crowded that Cedric Alexander got moved back to Raw. The 24/7 Title has now become a less prestigious version of the NEVER Openweight Title. The main positives tonight were the promos with Edge, Becky and AJ. I wonder if Michelle will teach Undertaker the Faithbreaker to counter AJ’s Styles Clash. 5 out of 10 show.

Jay from Colorado

I noticed that Ricochet appeared on Main Event. Is this a case of a further burial of Ricochet, or is this them trying to get Main Event more views? And if it’s Ricochet being buried, what the hell is going on, and what could he have done besides being shit on the mic?

Also, we are weeks away from WrestleMania, and it seems more and more likely the event will be moved to ESPN+. What is the possible motivation of the WWE here? I can’t imagine people dishing out $60 for any PPV but the big four.

Thanks for everything you guys do. I look forward more to your reviews than the actuals shows these days. I love and appreciate you both.

Was a good show. Great AJ promo and Edge segment was awesome. Wrestling was so so. Thankfully they have gotten rid of Ricochet onto main event so we can move onto someone else.

Do you guys think we will be getting a 4 way at mania between Rey, Garza, Humberto and Andrade for the us title? Also Happy Birthday John! we share the same birthday.

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Happy birthday Alfred!

Thought it was a good two hour show but all the Rollins stuff in the third hour dragged big time.

Great promos from Styles and Lynch, and the Orton/Edge build is also going well.

I wonder if the MVP thing actually will be a stable. I could see a group with him, Lashley and maybe Shelton.

Kabuki Warriors on the mic was the highlight. 5/10 show