FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/1/19 (WrestleMaina 35 Go-Home Show)

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What did you think of WWE Raw?

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That was all I needed from Batista. Great video package, long entrance, and a one liner. This was so much better than a long promo and got me excited for this match.

I don’t understand the booking if he tag division across all three brands. Does winning the Dusty Classic rank higher than winning the Raw tag titles? Whatever, all you need to know about the tag division is the Raw champions tights feature a hashtag started on BTE- imagine that?!

Does Roman really need a heat-less match on a 15+ match show?

Nobody taps out better quicker and better than Liv Morgan. Underrated skill for a jobber. Charlotte killed a security guard with a boot. Then they overkilled this main event with best of the Austin era booking.

(Watching now so will leave feedback for whatever I get up to).


Paul from New Jersey

Solid go home RAW

Once again, I thought Beth phoenix looked spectacular. The Iconic’s made that segment. I hope they take the titles on Sunday. I get such a kick out of the two of them.

Is Baron Corbin getting better or is it because he’s not on television as much as when he was general manager? I’m not really bothered by him as much as I used to be. I feel like he’s improving.

Looking forward to seeing you gentlemen this Sunday.

P.S. did Renee call Tamina The Samoan slaughter house?


They could have just teased the Demon for Wrestlemania, but no they had to have Finn make those goofy faces.


Jalen from Pickering,

Brian Mann put it best when he said the main event was the best and worst booked thing. The segment was great, felt intense and made me laugh. But arresting your main event on the go home show doesn’t make sense to me, it doesn’t give time to follow up/build off the arrest.

The underbooking of the UV Title match is a perfect contrast. 3 months and they’ve interacted with each other 3 times.
The best part of WM nowadays are the entrances, set, and seeing baffling booking. Can’t wait for Seth to lose on the 7th F-5.


Jay from Colorado

Not a bad go home edition of Raw. Beth Pheonix looked amazing, we got the exact amount of Batista we needed, and we got the Iconics on Raw!

But I really enjoyed the women’s Championship segment. That look Becky and Rhonda made at each other when they were both out in the same police car will be, dare I say, iconic of this feud. That was really fantastic, and even though I was anti this being a three way before I’m sold on it now.

Question, who do you think will win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and why will it be John Oliver? I’ll take my answer off the air.


My dearest Independent Contractors

It is I your loyal seaweed how are you? Been awhile like angle I’ve been conserving my energy for Sunday, 5 days away be there broadway comedy club aloha. Anywho been a minute since we spoke and man this go home show at the home of some disappointing Starcades had me wanting to go home. Dug the women’s segment them thots were wilding and DC Bautista but other than that meh


-will this last week tonight blip be forgotten or will it ramp up more interest from other media outlets. Same with the ufc and paying Justin Gaethje 4K this past Saturday

-I got nothing Wah see you Sunday I’m out of here peace


Chris From Florida

A terrible go home show for Mania. When this ended I thought this was a bad april fools joke. We had a terrible rehash of a austin era angle with the 3 women in your main event at Mania getting arrested. It made the match look like a joke. The one saving grace is that Becky is still so hot that its not going to hurt the match very much.

We also had Rey losing clean to Baron Fucking Corbin and a very solid match between the Revival and Black/Ricochet end in a stupid countout.

Lastly we had a very poor decision to telegraph the Demon’s appearance and have Fin making stupid faces in his demon persona. Way to kill the mystique.

Hopefully Smackdown does a better job.

3 Demon Tongue Baths out of 10.

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Chris from Queensland, Australia.

Sadly this women’s main event should have been such simple booking from the Royal Rumble to WrestleMania. Instead I can only describe their road to WrestleMania as the equivalent of leaving the highway, picking up a hitchhiker, having their sat-nat die and wandering town to town lost, and then all fighting over who was the one who got them lost.

And what about Auska, this time last week we were wondering who she would face out of Naomi, Carmella, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose. Well little did we know it would be all of them, except it was in the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.


  • Currently we are at 14 matches total, but are their plans for either the Raw or SmackDown Tag Team Champions to defend on the show?

  • Did you watch “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, this week he covered WWE.

Kash from Ajax

I watched this show with my wife for the first time ever. She is 9 months pregnant, and was too tired to fight me for the remote.

Her analysis of the show was far more enjoyable than anything on this edition of raw. A few highlights:

  • This woman (Steph) is wearing the weirdest looking jeans. I agreed.

  • If you are listening to One Republik to get pumped for a fight, you are probably gonna lose.

  • Is everyone constantly being filmed throughout the show? this was asked during the rey and angle convo before commercial break I’ve always wondered this myself.

  • She constantly LOL’d throughout the entire police brawl segment. I thought it would come sooner in the show, but this is the segment when she asked why I watch this stuff. I had no answer.

On a serious note, this will be the first time since Wrestlemania 16 my group of friends won’t be getting together to watch the show; not because of the poor build but because of the length of the show. It will be impossible for any of us to watch this in one sitting.

However, we will be getting together for Takeover.

E C 3 out of 10


It was pretty good,but the women’s main event is more convoluted that a episode of AlloAllo,still looking forward to it.

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I have one question : why did they put ronda and becky in the same car ? What did they expect ? Why did they open the door to Charlotte’s car ? What did they expect ?

Didn’t make any sense to me.