FEEDBACK: WWE Raw (4/15/19)

Leave your feedback and questions here for tonight’s Rewind-A-Raw.

What did you think of WWE Raw (Superstar Shake-Up Night 1)?

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Jay from Colorado

On Friday I decided to purchase a couple hundred bucks of WWE stock because I was hopeful for the future of the company after WrestleMania. Tomorrow morning I will be selling those stocks, because I have zero confidence in leadership who thinks “The Viking Experience” is a fitting replacement for “War Raiders”. And why rename them to Eric and Ivor? God help the Velveteen Dream when he gets called up. He’ll just be called Purple Sleep. Kari Sane will be renamed Girl Pirate Karen. And Matt Riddle will become Stoner Brian.


Paul from New Jersey

Holy Chilly McFreeze Fuckaroni, the Viking Experience!? 100% guarantee that was a Vince McMahon call. He probably came up with it at 3:45 AM while over training, completely sleep deprived. He can bury a tagteam like no other.


Andrade and Vega are really cool. Becky Lynch is still mega over. It’s great. She and Ruby complement eachother well. Billie Kay’s offense looked crisp, Nattie had a solid promo and I think a move to RAW will help Naomi. The women were the most compelling thing on the show tonight. Still, I cannot get the bad taste of the Viking experience out of my mouth. 5.


Is Smackdown in Montreal because why else leave KO off this show?
That Sami introduction was as fun as it gets watching Raw. They shouldn’t have had him cut a heel promo though - should have gone the route of Bryan on Seattle. Or KO come out. But still, so fun!
I heard a lot about continuity this week. As in, Vince wants continuity. So what do we think the NXT Tag Champions will be called? And what awful continuity will there be to explain it? Stop messing with NXT, Vince!

Rank these three talents:
Eva Marie
Kelly Kelly
Lacey Evans


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Chris from Queensland, Australia.

“The Viking Experience”, “Ivar”, “Erik”, sorry what the?!

But seriously, If the fact that your NXT Tag Team champions were called up to RAW without their belts wasn’t a better sign of Vince not knowing or caring what NXT does I don’t know what is!

Also Eric Young being removed for Sanity via a screen card capped off a horrible first year on the main roster for both him & Sanity.

I’m not looking forward to SmackDown tomorrow, 3/10.

Sean from Toronto

The hero’s reception for Sami Zayn was probably the best segment on Raw for quite some time. The rest of the show I can give or take, as I try to comprehend why WWE creative thinks The Viking Experience is a better name than War Raiders.

On a side note, I do admit that the new Bray Wyatt vignettes are effectively creepy, even though I have no idea how they relate to his revamped character.


Eric from Savage
I was watching RAW while trying to get my 1 year old Daughter to sleep. I was hopeful that this episode would be better than the lackluster RAW after Mania we got last week. I enjoyed the opening segment with Shane and Miz.

And then we got to the 8 man tag. When War Machine was introduced as The Viking Experience, I literally shut it off. I couldn’t watch any more. First off, these guys get no advance promos introducing people to who they are. And then they get one of the stupidest names I can ever remember.
I’m someone who watched these guys in the ROH Top Prospect tournament and I’ve been following them ever since. I just can’t believe the lack of care and the outright stupidity of the booking here. I thought changing their name to War Raiders was bad enough but that was apparently just the beginning.
I feel as though most guys coming through the system now will peak in NXT. And that’s just sad. It’s startling to see the contrast from the opening match at Takeover where War Machine was so hot, to now where they will likely be the next Ascension.
Anyway, sorry to be so grumpy, but I want things to be better. Venting helps. Thank you John and Wai!


Mike from MN

Viking Experience?? What is the point of NXT if Vince is just going to bury everyone the second they walk through the door? Does anyone think Cedric will be anything more than Apollo Crews?

The best part of tonight was the crowd, not sure I like any of the creative at the moment, I hope I am wrong.


Alex from Maple

Not great. Expected more. Viking Experience sounds like a name an old man came up with.

Natyla is boring and sucks on the mic. Horrible no heat match with Lacy.

Seeing AJ was cool and Sami had a strong segment.

Overall though not as much happened as I thought. No Charlotte or Askua. Only Naomi who is basically a jobber anyway.

Commentary was at an all time worst. Had to mute Graves and Renee. They need to go away.
Let’s hope Smackdown is better

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Jalen from Pickering,

Idk what’s funnier, Bray’s vignettes or Raw’s main event scene. Just because your heels are big, doesn’t excuse them from being boring and poorly booked.
Hopefully Bray’s vignettes are alluding to him being a figurative puppet master, but I expect the worst from this character.
I fear for SD’s main event scene, unless they move Roman, idk who they get to replace AJ and Miz? If it’s Braun aka new Ryback, then raw can keep him.

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Ari live from montreal
Well i have to admit going live was pretty enjoyable. The crowd seemed to be into most of the night. I was so excited to see the War…i mean the viking experience…when the name came up the crowd was confused and it was really was downer and ppl genuinly were confused. Were they heels or faces? And wtf was wrong with the production tonight…my brother said it was like a 2000 WcW nitro. They ruined the usos suprise and i guess someone didnt get the memo to not open the door during rollins and reigns promo. Zayn could have gone all night and the crowd would have still chanted. His heel work was masterful and got the crowd to turn on him in a second. I guess u dont fuck with the habs as elias found out.
Finally the dark segment Ambrose came out and said the crowd is why they always come to canada so often.
My friend who wasnt a wrestling fan gave it 7 wtv bray wyatt is supposdd to be out of 10
Question was it me or is eric young on raw now? They showed a graffic of the new ppl to raw and it looked like him.

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Brandon frm NJ

My dearest Les Habitants

hé, c’est moi encore une minute. Comment est mon français? Been a while since we last spoke i mean feels like we bumped into each other somewhere. I don’t know you tell me hmmm anywho the foundations were shaken as lives were put in jeopardy during tonight’s episode. It was a fun episode from lacy Evans getting that championship rub to EC3 being thrown to oblivion and OVW. I wonder what is next on smackdown.


-Is it me or did Andrade look a little sluggish from his adventures in the DR with Los Inobernobles De Charlotte

-felt gutted for Eric and Ybor City with the lame name change to the new podcast coming to wwe network “The Viking Experience” what was wrong with War Raiders? It’s 9pm no kids are watching

-my apologies to MJ in NJ for giving a fake Non de plum at the broadway comedy club. I’m not Rauuuuuuuuuuuulll I’m Brandon frm NJ

-if you were Robert Whittaker would you take the rest of the year off after that beating he took against Yoel Romero? Style bender is da truth

-wai did your opinion change of me when we crossed paths in person

I’ll hang up and listen I’m out of here peace


Only WWE could completely change a teams name and get the old name trending on Twitter.

I didn’t think it was a bad show, at least by Raw standards but it left a lot to be desired. I felt The Bálor Experience and The Andrade Experience had a really good match, but that could be because it was fresh and not Finn-Corbin or Finn-Lashley for the 568th time. I’m also really enjoying The Heel Sami Zayn Experience as it’s the first Moment of Bliss I didn’t want to turn off right away. The Lacey Experience still has a long way to go before being even just okay in the ring. Finally the main event was okay when The Shield Club Experience defeated The Midcard Experience. I’ll stop now even though Vince might not.

Overall 7/10 show for me. Side note - pretty sure the Viking Experience was the name of an exhibit I saw on a 6th grade field trip.


Just got back from the show with my bro. Was visiting from Alberta. We are both enjoyed our first tv event. It was fun the first two hours were great but we were both more than ready to leave by the end. All in all fun experience but long. Two hours wouldve been prime.

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I’m going to echo what others pointed out. The Viking Experience has to be one of the worst names given to a tag team.