FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/2/18

Leave us your feedback on the final Raw before WrestleMania

-What matches have been the promoted the most effectively?
-What has your highest interest this week?


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Carl from the U.K.

So if John and wai were to present a slammy award to the best built match leading into Wrestlemania which program would it be?

I’m intrigued to see who’s gunna be Braun’s partner could it be Macaulay Culkin??

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Jonathan Coachman’s commentary reminds me of when I go to my grandmother’s house and she’s watching some awful show like Big Bang Theory and complains that the antagonists of the show are whiny. Like, yeah, grandma, that’s the point, we call that evoking an emotional response in the biz’. I dunno. Hearing him ask stupid questions about Rhyno’s t-shirt and other really silly pointless observations throughout the show was just kinda painful. Speaking of awkward, Rousey still is, but a little less so, but still maybe a bit too much for Mania? She’s working hard though. Respect.

Cena was great, but I don’t think anyone got convinced into watching Mania who wasn’t already going to by this supremely mediocre go-home RAW. Their last chance to sell a Network subscription was essentially a RAW in a holding pattern.

Also I wasn’t really paying attention when Hawkins showed up and I swear his shirt said fuck me braun and I didn’t hate it.

5 cups of lukewarm water out of 10.

Sean from Toronto

This week’s Raw peaked in the very first segment and I’m no more or less excited for Wrestlemania as I was going in. Blah.

Jesse from the 6

John, you’ve mentioned that you think Styles-Nakamura should close the show. I agree. But do you actually believe there’s any chance of that happening?

Roman’s match will be the main event. Just like it was last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Just like it will be for the next 5-10 years, barring injury.

Last week you went over the some the stats and suggested Roman is not a bad choice to be the top babyface. But is he any better a choice over guys who are better than he is in the ring? Guys like Rollins, Styles, Nakamura, or Balor? Or, better yet, why does the same guy have to main event every WrestleMania? Well, because, that’s how Vince McMahon books wrestling. It’s how he booked Cena and it’s how he booked Hogan. And it’s boring.

WrestleMania will end with Roman holding the title aloft while 40% of the crowd boo, 20% cheer, and the rest are too tired or bored to react at all.

But the rest of the card looks good.
Take Care.

This is really nit picky but why can’t they interview Nia in normal clothes?
Braun is laugh out loud funny.
Also, props to Ronda taking a bump like that but haters will say it looked bad. I really think they’ll beat her night 1 because the future money is in a Steph and Ronda one on one matchup after HhH pins Kurt.

Question: Single match you are looking forward to seeing live most this week? Also please explain how videos will work on Patreon do I need to log in somewhere other than my main feed?

Unfortunately this raw was a failure for me. This felt like a holding pattern episode of RAW, which is a massive problem for your go home show before Mania. On the bright side, appreciated the genuine emotion from Nia’s promo, dug the opening segment, and Brock Lesnar felt like the heel. I also genuinely laughed at “Brains” and Curt Hawkins getting thrown.

Question: How sustainable are these long Wrestlemanias? I can’t see casual fans continuing to sit down to watch 5 hours of wrestling on a Sunday every year

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Jay from Colorado.

To quote Dewey from Malcom in the Middle, “I expected nothing, and I’m still let down.”

Question, last year we had a pretty good idea it would be Brock vs Roman headlining Wrestlemania this year, who do you think will headline next year? If it was up to me it would be Pete Dunne vs Pete Dunne.

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Brandon from Oshawa

This was another weak show, made even weaker by the fact that it was their go home show. There was nothing that we needed to see before Wrestlemania. I’m slightly intrigued by how Cena/Taker will end up going down though.

I don’t get why they can show a Goldust promo and have a useless match, hyping a meaningless battle royal, but they can’t show the incredible Mustafa Ali promo to hype the cruiserweight title match? If they weren’t going to hype that match at all, they should have left them off Raw last week too.

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Mark from Vaughan

Disappointing Raw despite the crowd heat. I think SD will do a better job tomorrow. I can live with getting Brock/Roman again but there was no ingenuity in the build. Totally lazy with nothing new or fresh when compared to 2015. It’s like they’re just going through the motions to get it over with and reset in a post-Lesnar environment.

Question: What do you think the rationale was for keeping Taker off TV? Was it just a matter of having no creative and knowing the Mania name sells itself and it should be obvious to a trained viewer that the match is happening? Just seems odd to not have a single rebuttal from Taker to having people juiced for Sunday with an image in mind to look forward to. Bizarre usage of Cena in the past year. They’ve really devalued him before it was time.

Eddy from Charleston, SC

This Raw wasn’t terrible like last week, but nothing stand out outside of a strong Balor/Rollins match. As John pointed out on twitter, anyone paying for the network at this point is a fool. The Ronda table bump was good, but her selling afterwards was questionable. Hopefully she gets some more reps at the performance center this year

The Cena promo fell short for me, but I’m always impressed by his ability to manipulate the live audience. I’m sure the Undertaker reveal will be a “Wrestlemania Moment” even if the match sucks.

5 out 10

Lorenzo from the 505

This episode was a pretty standard go home show. The opening of RAW was kinda boring and rousey needs to work on her delivery, she’s new I know. I couldn’t help but laugh when Rouseyi do want to see Sasha and Bailey go at it in the rumble maybe the final 2. Rollins and Fin had a good match. I’m so over king of Superman punch my hope is that he loses but we know that won’t happen.

I can’t wait to for takeover and Mania! What match from either show has a chance to be the best match? I can’t wait to see Daniel Brian and the AJ vs Nakamura? What match closes the show?

That is all hope you guys have a blast this week looking forward to all the content this weekend.

For a go home show I did expect more. Heyman was great as always. I actually fell asleep in the middle of the show. Going to listen to your report and if there is anything worth watching I will. Thanks guys. See you in New Orleans will be at ROH show.

Kind of dissapointed for being a a Mania go home RAW. Hopefully the SmackDown side will deliver with some urgency. And I do think their side of the card is slightly better. Was expecting Rousey to be a bit more believable on the mic since her first appearance. Love him or hate him you all have to admit the Miz is the best heel in the company and I think the IC three-way is a sleeper to steal the show at Mania. I really hope the tag title match doesn’t turn into Braun destroying the BAR. It will totally kill off all the momentum Shaemus and Cesaro have built up as characters. The Cena Taker build up has been horrible. Even if it’s some mind games or a video of some sort would be a million times better than what we have got. I’m still going with the theory we are getting American Bad Ass Taker since Kid Rock is getting inducted to the HOF. I’m interested in how they will book the finish of Lesnar-Reigns. But I don’t think it’s going to be a great match overall. Something tells me Heyman will turn on Brock and solidifying Reigns as a heel moving forward at the top of the card.

James in Boise

With the Big Show signing a new contract is he a lock to be Brauns partner? I sure hope not.

Chris from Florida

Disappointing go home show for mania. Great crowd though.

I honestly can’t find much good to say about this show. The Cena promo was great, impassioned, but at the same time robotic in a way that contrasts with Daniel Bryan’s great promos. He was doing his level best to pander to that crowd though, its was kind of amusing in its obviousness.

Bad RAW aside, I am excited for Mania, and I think this year’s Mania is gonna be great.

4 longing Wrestlemania sign staredowns out of 10

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Ash from India

Very disappointing RAW. Undertaker didn’t show up. We don’t know who Braun’s partner is. Bailey is still fighting Absolution (yawn) and Roman bored us with his lifeless backstage interaction with Kurt Angle. Only things worthwhile were the absolute barn burner between Seth and Finn, and The Miz’s witty retorts on commentary. 3 out of 10. Not excited for Wrestlemania.

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I thought Roman’s “Come on guys, he’s a part timer” line to convince his fellow wrestlers to clear a path for him was B movie level storytelling. This entire Roman/Brock buildup has been very lacking, yet the fans seemed to be very hot for it. I don’t get it.

My question to ya’ll is - what champion do you think has the highest likelihood of defending their belt between Alexa, Charlotte, AJ, and Brock.

J from Kitchener…

First off, thank you guys for the podcast road diaries this past week. It was entertaining. I have a question who would you guys like to see switch rosters next week?

Did Samoa Joe get too real for Roman Reigns?