FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/20/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Sometimes wrestling surprises you in ways you would never think. When Aleister Black came out, and I realized Zelina Vega was on commentary, I groaned. I thought, oh no, this is going to be weird. How awkward is everyone going to get? Of course thinking about just over a year ago (which feels like 10 for multiple reasons) with Ambrose/Rene. Then, the match happened and I was surprised by how NOT awkward it was. The match happened, the two even interacted, and those who do not know about their relationship would never know. So, for me, RAW gets a thumbs up just for avoiding the inevitable awkwardness this situation brought upon itself. Do you guys think Bianca should be the one to take the title off of Becky, or does Shayna do it and then Belair eventually avenges her loss to her in NXT?

Andrew from Cape Breton

It’s a shame that Drew McIntyre can’t really be the strong babyface without a crowd existing because I find him to be really good in the role as the top star in the company. I thought he had a pretty good match tonight. He also has great chemistry with Zelina Vega so if they wanted to give a stronger push to Los Ingobernables D’Americano or whatever they’re going to go by, it could be an interesting rivalry. The show was missing some of the people they let go. I know Lio Rush was seen as annoying, but those Lashley segments died a death. I think they also decided to give that rumoured comedy gimmick for the Revival to the Viking Raiders. They like to have fun. The kiss of death. Isn’t that what the people want, fun loving Berzerkers? Speaking of Berzerkers, they released a bunch of old WWF Superstars episodes on the Network from the end of 92 into 1993. The Berzerker tried to kill Mr. Perfect with his sword like a real viking and didn’t look like a geek driving around singing in his car. 10 out of 10 for WWF Superstars, but 5 out of 10 for tonight.

Josh from Vietnam

It’s weird that they are building up Zelina’s faction just to make Drew McIntyre look good. Honestly I would prefer if they got the upper hand once in a while. Drew however seems really comfortable being the top guy in the company. The final moments of RAW makes him seem like a really cool guy.

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