FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/22/19

Leave your comments and questions here for Rewind-A-Raw.

What did you think of WWE Raw 4/22/19?

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Jake from The Windy City

I might be in the minority, but I’m really digging Firefly Funhouse so far! That was my highlight of the night because Bray totally made that work. I’m intrigued and curious to see where they go with because this could be the biggest swerve they might put on us this year.

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Paul from New Jersey

so let’s recap. The show started out with Seth Rollins and his dad in the ring being weird. As much as I don’t like the trope of all the challengers coming out one by one in some sort of conveyor belt set up, I can’t deny that there were strong reactions. Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin did get heat which is good.

Your reigning, defending women’s tag team champions have gone 0-3 since winning the titles. I’m not counting the Brooklyn Bells. With NO BACKUP, Naomi defeated Kay in a divas match as Peyton stares on blankly. I proceeded to just turn the television off. If the writers don’t care, I don’t see why I should either. No reason to watch the show unless you’re getting paid to do so. The booking has been absolute garbage since mania.

P.S. A little birdie from Austin informed me that after I shut off my television, Bobby … excuse me Robert Roode defeated Ricochet clean. Did the brass drop acid before the show?

AJ from PA

Really enjoyed the show tonight. A lot of solid matches and very little nonsense. The name change and the Mustache just works for Roode. And I am curious where this Bray thing goes. Reminds me of when the new day started.

I think if you are going to do a babyface vs babyface PPV main event, this was a great way to build it. I will always enjoy a show long mini-tournament as it gives everyone a motivation for their matches and it’s not just about “building momentum”

Do you think either AJ or Rollins will turn? Who would you think would have the better heel run on RAW right now?



Ok guys I think it’s finally time. I’ve been that fan that watches everything, even when so many people I know rage quit the product. I was that one friend with hope.
I’m a admin too a Facebook wrestling group, I post a live thread every Monday for raw an my numbers are just sad now.

I’ve even been trying too get people too watch again because of the new call ups, but after I seen the Viking raiders? ROBERT Roode? an bray’s new creepy kids show, I was already preparing myself for the ten minute conversation with my dad trying too explain what’s going on.

All that too say I have too step away from raw for a while. I’ll just stick too SDL , nxt/uk, an the indies. I’ll let you guys fill me in from here. god bless you poor guys

Brandon frm NJ

My dearest Pascal Siakams

It is I c’est un plaisir d’écrire et un privilège merci beaucoup laissez-moi oh wait we aren’t in Montreal. Des Moises kind of feels it oh well I digress again, good evening raw was ok. Lots of action and interruptions from the parade of stars at the beginning to Ricochet gettin uppercutted to Moline fun stuff eh?


-how long before the Viking Raiders become the Las Vegas Raiders after their impending move from Oakland next season. Also their finisher called “The Viking Experience” lol

-separation at birth Peter Avalon and Ruby Riot

-With the whole Jimmy Johns situation and their founder being an illegal big game hunter you think the wwe would think twice with letting Brock wear their logo on his trunks if he ever returns

-Wai thoughts on Sixers/Raptors

-was Guillermo Rude doing a tribute to Rick Rude with the stache

I’m out of here peace