FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/25/22

What did you think of WWE Raw?

In many ways, this show felt more like the Raw after WrestleMania than the actual Raw that followed WrestleMania. You had the returns of Asuka and Mustafa Ali. (Note: it is still insane that a person can be prevented from leaving their job when they want to.) You had the proper debut of Ciampa. While they aren’t all quality, there are new stories set up.

The one huge miss for me was the women’s championship match. It feels like we’re never getting a proper return to the ring for Sonya Deville, which is too bad, and as engaging as Bianca is, Becky and Asuka instantly feels like the hotter feud.

Now that the titles are unified and it looks like we’re probably heading to the end of the RKBro line, it seems like Randy has to be high up on the list of potential opponents for Roman, no? No one gets that big a pop week in, week out, and it’s been a surprisingly long time since they’ve faced each other.