FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/26/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?
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Nick from Boston

Kind of incredible that WWE keeps stumbling onto metaphors for how dire their Monday night show has become. First it was trash bags, and now it’s literal rotten tomatoes. The amount of wasted produce alone is reason enough to rate this show poorly.

That said, I did like a few things tonight. RKBro has serious potential and I can see their odd couple chemistry really getting over as their relationship develops. Hopefully Randy isn’t rushed into a turn, and they can get a shot at the titles once we’ve located AJ & Omos. Charlotte’s heel work continues to impress, and I enjoyed seeing more of Sonya as a heel authority figure. Also, seeing Dijak wrestle as himself for a few minutes was a breath of fresh air. Now all he needs is his name back.

I really want to like Adnan Virk. Outside of WWE he has such a magnetic and kind personality, but as of right now it’s looking rough. I fully empathize with him learning on the job, and I hope he gets plenty of time to improve. It was always going to be tough with McAfee starting on the opposite brand.

Has anyone checked on AJ and Omos to make sure they’re ok? I feel like no one is taking their disappearance seriously.

This episode felt like a slog despite the fact that I was only half paying attention for the first half hour or so. I think that a large part of the problem is that stories are being advanced at a pace that could generously be called glacial. Tonight we got the birth of (the undoubtedly doomed) RKBro, Charlotte’s reinstatement/ Sonya’s insubordination, and Braun added to the main event of WrestleMania Backwash. The bulk of the show was treading water, rehashing things we’ve been seeing for at least a couple of weeks.

I haven’t heard it yet but I already know that your review and commentary is better than the actual show.

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Alexander from Portland

Last week Drew McIntyre won a handicap match via DQ, then he lost a tag team match via DQ. Tonight he loses a tag team match via countout and a one-on-one match via shenanigans. This builds up a triple threat championship match where the champion doesn’t have to be involved in the finish of the match to lose their title. This overbooking is exhausting but are any of the other champions better? AJ and Omos have been off TV for three weeks and WWE isn’t even trying to explain why, and one of the women’s tag team champions has a gimmick where she slips and falls. I don’t even remember the last time I saw R-Truth and the 24/7 Title. While tonight was dull it felt remarkably better than the past few weeks. 4 dark, twisted thoughts/10

question: Alexa Bliss said in her promo “you too can have a Lily of your own.” Could you see WWE selling Lily dolls?