FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/27/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Hey guys. Been a minute. Couldn’t stay away. Very much enjoyed the promo work of MVP & Vega. Although I haven’t watched wrestling in over a month, I cannot tell you how tired I am of hearing about DX & the NWO. The MITB concept is pretty intriguing. Let’s just hope nobody from tonight’s show gets released as that would seem to be pretty callous. Hope all is well & very much enjoyed the Jon Moxley interview.

Alexander from Portland

In 2020 WWE let Rusev go and is pushing Apollo Crews, color me surprised. I get that WWE released a lot of talents a few weeks back as a cost cutting measure, but it’s felt like we’ve been seeing the same exact guys on TV over and over and over. Maybe it was just this episode but everything felt stale and overused. I wouldn’t mind a week where we don’t see Andrade’s group, whatever they’re called. Can we start calling them Los Ingobernables de Jobber, cause they sure do lose a lot. After seeing them lose last week in singles matches and then in the six-man tonight, they’re getting go-home heat with me. On a positive note, I’m glad WWE is bringing up the past for The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders, here’s hoping they get to main event RAW.

Question: do you think we’ll see or hear from Velveteen Dream on NXT this week?

Andrew from Cape Breton

It can’t help the prestiege of the Cruiserweight title when one of the top contenders in a title tournament is cannon fodder every week. Then again, this is the same tournament where they fired one of the participants. I also wasn’t a fan of the Triple H stuff tonight, mostly because it makes me feel old. I know this comes up whenever they do these anniversary deals, but when I was 9 in 1995, I don’t think they would have been doing specials for people who were around in 1970. Imagine being 9 now, thinking this jacked guy is really old. And then there’s poor Apollo Crews. Maybe it’s my pessimism, but this guy is the definition of a start and stop push. I had my doubts with Kofi Kingston and I was eventually proven wrong for a few months. Anyway, 5 out of 10 show, the usual fare for the PC shows.