FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/29/19

What did you think of Raw? (Sorry it’s late this week!)

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Jay from Colorado

I read news reports today that the Revival turned down a five year, $500k per year contract. I can’t imagine why.

Also I’m calling the main event for next week now. It’ll be AJ Styles and Seth Rollins teaming against either McIntyre and Corbin, or Corbin and Lashley, or Corbin and Corbin. And if that last one happens happens, may God have mercy on us all.

Paul from New Jersey

Am I crazy for saying that Corbin has legitimate heel heat with solid promo ability? Sure he looks like a nefarious butler that is trying to steal money from Adam Sandler, but he is getting a solid reaction from the audience. Sorry Wai.

I then proceeded to fall asleep completely invalidating the last paragraph. Woke up to the greatness that is Sami Zayn and I heard the iconic’s didn’t lose this week which I will take as a victory! Who would you gentlemen select to win the men’s MITB? I think Drew McIntyre is long overdue to be champion.

My dearest Brad Lohaus

Greetings and salutations it’s been a millennium since we spoke, great win by the lads from the 215 gonna be a long series. Anyhoo raw was in Kentucky and it was a hoot. Good to see two local boys in Strowman and Rick O’Shea come through. Fun show didn’t like the revival and the back shaving thing, I guess they didn’t sign that lucrative extension. Dug the Lynch/Real women pull apart she is a good heel that lacy Evans hope for the best at MITB.


-why did Bad Luck Failure look like a Samoan Dudley brother when he worked against Rocket Man Juice Robinson at Sengohan Lord

-you excited to watch all the Mahabillyshira matches on TNA +

-do you agree with the Reduction Bill Blair announced Monday that the government will give Ontario $17 million over five years to support various anti-drug driving initiatives.

-did rambling rabbit smoke a blunt during that segment

-RIP to Damian with what Chuck Caruso was wearing in the ring

I’m out of here peace