LIVE immediately following WWE Raw

This seemed like the draft of keeping your own talent in place…which we know really doesn’t mean much with how loose the brand rules are.

Raw kept its world title nucleus of Priest, Punk, Drew, and Seth.

But on Smackdown, where are the heels for Cody? AJ, maybe Solo, maybe Logan, but who else? Someone has to be turning. I wouldn’t hate Cody vs Orton at Summerslam if Rock isn’t available.

Also, is it me or did it seem like Smackdown drafted most of the women?

What are your overall thoughts?

The one thing the draft did well was remove the lazy title trades and I especially love that the NXT draftees show genuine emotion and the roster being out of character for the announcements. Ilja, Blair, Lyra and Dijak getting the move upwards can only spell good things for Raw. Especially with Gunther staying put

That being said, I wanna see the draft lottery return the next time around.

The Punk/McIntyre cat-and-mouse chase was amusing and Rhea being gone leaves Dom Dom to his own devices (Liv might be the wedge)

Anyone who wrote off NXTUK for not producing stars must look very foolish right now.

The next week will be a clean slate

I personally hate the brand split and the draft so this show did little for me. However, Punk and Drew are the most electric pairing going, truly wrestling heroine. They have a lot fo interesting pairings between Punk-Drew, Drew-Sheamus, Gunther-Illja, etc. It’s the usual wait post-Mania lull until business picks up.