FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/30/18

Leave your questions and feedback here for Rewind-A-Raw.


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Brandon from Oshawa

A real good main event and a hot crowd saved this show for me. I just dont understand why it is so difficult, to book someone strong in their hometown. Everyone knew Zayn & Owens were gonna be super over tonight, so why not give them something strong? I get that they are heels and you dont want them to be cheered, but they wont get the same reaction every week. They will get a good reaction though, if fans see them booked strong in their hometown. They will look like stars to other towns, yet they constantly do this over and over again in peoples hometowns. Its not a new thing, but its sickening and stupid.

Also, I’m sick of rematches. For as big as the roster is, they have way too many of them. Oh and why is Kurt Angle granting random hometown jobbers, their match requests? His ineptitude continues.

Mark from Vaughan

The Montreal crowd really added something to the atmospheretonight. It says a lot about how over Braun is right now that he got cheered in the opening segment even though he was taking out the hometown heroes.

Question: Doesn’t it just make sense to have Braun win the title from Brock clean at MITB or SummerSlam and give him a chance to run as the top guy? Is it really possible management can’t see how badly Roman needs a reboot?

Tyler from Orlando,

Man, Montreal was on fire tonight, what a great crowd.

I really wish the commentary team would stop bickering to each other about the smallest things. If Cole and Coach were back in 2006 with current Corey Graves this announce team would be much better.

Drew McIntyre is the last man I want to be holding his phone for a selfie promo, although I still have high hopes for this duo.

Main event was really fun, I was convinced it was going to end in a non-finish with possibly the Miz interrupting, so Seth winning clean after a great finishing sequence was a nice way to cap a decent show.

Question - do you see Braun or Bobby turning on eachother this Sunday or will it be just a straight babyface clean win over Owens/Zayn?

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

The crowd tonight seemed to be excited for a big show but being sandwiched between two network specials the in-ring product felt rather meh.

I didn’t watch the “Greatest Royal Rumble” but given the amount on TV time Titus received tonight am I wrong for thinking this was the only part worth watching from the whole event?

Just 2 quick questions tonight:

  1. John, Is Payback scheduled for a 4-hour window including the kick-off or longer?
  2. Wai, I’m assuming you have now seen Avengers, if so did it live up to your hype? I’ve had friends give me mixed reactions, some who loved it & some who hated it.

Jay from Colorado.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how crowd behavior can affect the overall watchability of a WWE show. With that being said what an amazing contrast tonight was to Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble show. The matches weren’t anything notable, but the energy of the crows is what kept me into it. This wasn’t the best Raw by any means, but a few good matches, the Hardy/Wyatt sketch, a strong main event and a super hot crowd made it an easy watch for me.

Also just wanted to share a short WWE related dream I had last night. The gist of it was they took all that Saudi Arabian money and started to build unique sets for every pay-per-view again. That’ll never happen, but I can dream right?

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It’s amazing to see how far Alexa Bliss has come since she made her debut a few short years ago. These Moments of Bliss segments are fantastic and I could see her making a transition to Hollywood in a few years if she wanted to.

The crowd tonight was fantastic. I have to echo Brandon’s point, when you have two people who you knew would get reactions as big as Sami and Kevin did tonight why not book them to get the win even if they accomplish it through their normally heelish methods. This reminds of the point you made on the backlash review where the WWE doesn’t give fans those big payoffs even though this one would have been a bit unorthodox.