FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/6/20

What did you think of WWE Raw after Mania?

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Alexander from Portland

Was the 6-person tag match the biggest match we’ve seen, competitor-wise, since the empty arena shows? I was curious just how many people WWE would have in the Money in the Bank ladder matches and judging from what we saw earlier I feel like they’ll limit them to six participants each. What are your thoughts? In this COVID-19 world, how many people can be put into one match before too much of your audience base is uncomfortable?

Somehow the Raw after Mania felt like an improvement over their regular that the company had been presenting over the last few weeks, but somehow it made the typical Raw after mania formula more apparent without the audience. I’m hopeful about some of the moves to Raw, Bianca should be a delight, and on a personal confession I get excited when they tease us with the idea they’re going to do something with Apollo Crews and I can only hope they don’t crush my dreams too much.
Could you see that being a send off for Big Show? Or does he still have a few years left to give in ring?
Thanks for all the hard work over the weekend!

Andrew from Cape Breton

It seems like going forward WWE might just try to use jobber matches more while they are doing shows in front of nobody. I guess Dana White stole the private island idea, but WWE have stolen ideas before. I thought some of the stuff went long like the Street Profits segments. That reminded me of a story where Duke “The Dumpster” Droese and Aldo Montoya were the only wrestlers that arrived at an arena and were told to stall for 45 minutes. I know WWE likes to repeat angles, but Apollo Crews has had the same angle for years now. He comes in for a fresh start then loses, and is never heard from again. Lowlight of the night was Byron Saxton with a damn dirty lie about the Big Show and Drew McIntyre match being the first time that happened at a Wrestlemania. Nobody will forget what a terrible person Hulk Hogan was stealing for the belt at Mania 9. 5 out of 10 show.

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Jalen from Pickering,

Only caught bits and pieces.
I continue to feel for Drew as everything they’ve done with him has been good on paper and with a crowd, but underwhelming in execution. But I guess that’s the best-case scenario at this point.

Charlotte’s promo was hilarious, as her main roster run is using titles and signature wins to prop her up.

After seeing the Asuka dance, she is definitely the best thing in these weird wrestling times.

Jesse in Taipei

I’d just like to say that my initial reaction to the Firefly Funhouse Match was, “Huh. That was weird.”
But after hearing Wai passionately describe it and then reading his essay deconstructing it, I now believe it was the greatest storytelling segment in wrestling history.
Great job, Wai. If there’s anybody clever at they will offer to buy your essay and publish it on their site as an accompanying piece to the match. It greatly enhanced my enjoyment of it.

Take Care

Ben from Vancouver

I loved how Bianca Belair did her full on robotic entrance as her husband was getting his ass kicked. And then I loved her talking not to the people that attacked her husband but to the HARD CAM. NXT really knows how to train them.

I think it’s way too early to bring her up. She has a ton of potential but her selling needs a lot of work. I also wanted to see her get revenge on Charlotte. Also, teaming her with the Street Profits will do nothing for her.

One other thing - why on earth was Crews and Black like 20 minutes? Didn’t Crews (and Gable) just lose to Sheamus in 2 minutes? Why does Black need that long to win? Very weird.

I think (hope) we’re getting a faction with Lashley, Crews, Ricochet and MVP as manager. That would be a nice direction for all those guys