FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/8/19

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What did you think of this year’s Raw after Mania?

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Burak from Saint Albans in the UK.

I was in the crowd…that final segment was utter dogshit.

Rollins has now brought out Roman Reigns for the feel good moment and now they’ll bring out Dean to do the same fucking fist bump they like to ram down our throats. Seth doing a promo now, maybe to placate the crowd, I don’t know and I don’t fucking care.

I don’t blame the crowd for turning.

I’m off to get drunk, smash some Pizza and swipe on Tinder.

Smackdown tomorrow can fuck right off into the Hudson River.


Jalen from Pickering,

This company never learns. Surprised no Roman on the show, I was actually suspecting that UE would ruin the final match since they mentioned that Shield and New Day were in the back.
Raw after Mania has no spark anymore, and idk how it can when the same crowd just watched wrestling for 8 hours the night before.

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so i understand that they couldn’t start too many new storylines because they need to wait for the shakeup but damn a lot of stuff made no sense. The seth/kofi open and becky’s lynch’s segments were fine but everything else sucked.

Why did corbin take a beating from angle? Bayley was being built back up with the tag belts but now she’s getting fed to alexa to heat her up. They could’ve cancelled that robotic segment between dana 1 and dana 2 and fed them both to alexa instead. The revival are dead, elias is dead and i don’t know about you guys but i’m tired of dusty undertaker. Sami zayn’s post match promo was bad and another waste of a return.

They were promoting kofi for smackdown tomorrow so you definitely knew there was a non finish coming in the main event but THE BAR?!! This was not tremendous.

Sean from Toronto

It may have been special in the past, but #RawAfterMania is now little more than a hashtag. The only true surprise for me on the show was Lars Sullivan finally making his long-delayed main roster debut, at the expense of Kurt Angle. Sami Zayn will be back in the midcard in no time and Undertaker looks more haggard each time he continues to ruin his send off from two years ago. Finally, the less said of the poor logic of throwing Lacey Evans into a title program, before having a single match, the better.

Paul from New Jersey

I’d like to first start off by saying thank you gentleman for a wonderful show on Broadway yesterday. You guys were funny, intelligent and made so much time for everyone. I approached the one and only John Pollock wearing an Iconic’s shirt and uttered the words “Ultimate thrillride”. The cheat code still works ladies and gentlemen.

As for RAW, I was told last week Kurt Angle was making his last ever Monday night RAW appearance. I guess they forgot to lock the door.

Didn’t need to see Ambrose and Lashley and I didn’t like how much offense Lacey Evans got on Becky. From what I’ve seen of Evans, I find her to be a bit sloppy and I’m just not into it. Willing to be patient, but I think somebody of a higher stature should be Becky’s first feud as champion. Kind of a lackluster RAW after mania this year, but I loved last night and always look forward to smack down more anyway. On a positive note, I think Dana Brooke has improved immensely. She was called up way too early and I think she deserves another opportunity at a successful role.

4 Lars Sullivan lackluster debuts out of 10.

Prakash from Ypsilanti, Michigan

Was tonight the first time that Cole distinctly referred to Dean Ambrose as Renée’s husband? He said it twice tonight. Also the first time she left the desk to go check on Dean after he took a beatdown. I took it as an indication that Dean is not leaving and there will be a new angle involving Renée. Or am I reading too much into this?

The show on the whole was kinda meh! There was nothing that served as a memorable moment for me although nothing really that I absolutely hated either.

Finally, any official words on Ronda Rousey’s and AJ Styles’ injuries?

5 Undertaker tombstones out of 10.


Guillaume from Québec City

What a lackluster Raw after Mania… As soon as the main event was announced, I was hoping for the Undisputed Era to interfere in a big way since every wrestling fans knew that the match would end in a DQ finish but we got the mid-lever team that got pinned yesterday instead… what a disappointment.

I got my tickets for both Raw and Smackdown next week, I will lower my expectations for the shows. At least they could have waited a little bit for the Sami Zayn heal turn, whatever he says on the mic next week he will be cheer big time in Montreal.

Tyler from Orlando,

Just felt like a normal RAW but with new champions now. Happy to see Lars back but I don’t expect he’ll change the show really. I am actually excited to see Bray Wyatt come back I just hope it’s not silly & he doesn’t get buried almost immediately. Final segment wasn’t very good, I didn’t want to see the titles unified but they can’t tease it just to lead to a tag match against the Bar. Thx for all the live coverage this week guys!

I haven’t watched Raw in a while. Up until the main event I thought this was pretty good and maybe they will gain some momentum coming out of Wrestlemania. Then they blew it with the main event. All of those AEW chants from the crowd were well deserved.

My other main issue with the show was not saving Sami Zayn’s return for next week in Montreal where it would’ve received nuclear heat.

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Sugs & Kinny from UK

Sitting in McMahon’s drowning our sorrows over a few beers.

It went quicker than watching on TV :tv: and which was good, but when you’re expecting the RAW after Mania even though they had the # it didn’t deliver on any level.

It was great to see Becky & Kofi, even taker but I was in the Barclays Friday night and nxt pissed all over this!


What a weekend, back to reality tomorrow!!

Jake from Fort Wayne

The surprise Undertaker entrance was the best thing about this show to me and had my undivided attention. Swerving the viewers with the promise of a title vs title match, sticking around 3 hours to watch it, and then just throwing it away was a major turn off. It doesn’t make me dislike the Bar for doing that, because they had no reason, just makes me dislike the WWE for doing so without a reason being given. Beat up the Bar and continue the match! 4 out of 10 show with the surprises, but take those away and Raw was like a 2/10 tonight. very disappointing for one of the bigger shows of the year.


First what the hell is the deal the the evil sock puppet and with the superstar shake up next week what particular stars should smackdown get and which stars should raw get the last one it seem it didnt turn out well for both rosters do you think they will get it right this second time around maybe pull some more from nxt

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The WWE is a television product and entertainment company and that was never more evident than tonight. Titles are props and stars are just characters cycled in and out of spots where they can generate moments. One night after mania and I already see all three champions as slightly less than they were last night and the over exposure and need to book ridiculous title vs title matches broken up by the Bar is why nobody ever sticks as a mega star.

Don from Sunnyvale -

6 out of 10

If anybody thought someone was going to walk away with both titles, I commend them. Though I wish the main event tag match with The Bar could have been set up earlier in the show instead of the bait and switch that was delivered.

It was nice to see Five Star Lars, and then Sami Zayn return. I was afraid Sami hurt himself while slipping after coming out from behind the curtains, though he may have done that as a goof. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he won the title from Balor, with a running joke that The Demon actually won the title.

Otherwise, this show just felt like it was coasting, on a wait and see for next week.

Usually the rAwafterWM is famous for the drunken UK fans attempting to hijack the show with nonsensical chants and being annoying. It’s fun to watch but realistically it’s just like a rowdy football crowd - not that special anymore

That promo from Sami! Goodness…

Anyone else feel like it felt pretty authentic?

Anyone else notice the AEW chants during the main event