FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/11/20

What did you think of Raw? (Thanks Paul -Wai)

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Paul from New Jersey

I thought the opening segment was very well done. I like that Asuka was her over the top heel character, yet embraced & congratulated Becky. Very reminiscent of the scene from Kill Bill part 2 where Karen the assassin lets Beatrix live based on her pregnancy. I liked the backstage segment of superstars approaching Becky to congratulate her. It actually came offsomewhat natural. MVP cut a tremendous promo with Lashley. I don’t think I appreciated MVP enough in his first run. This was followed by some of the worst line delivery I’ve ever heard from Lana. Onto the Main event, the reason we’re here. The return of the greatest, P daddy & B mamma. Peyton Royce & POST Wrestling award winner Billie Kay have returned! Thought they looked fresh in the ring. get thrown off a building, wrestle the next night. Still, a solid show.

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Jay from Colorado

What are the odds Becky doesn’t come back?

Also someone on Reddit did a version of Seth’s Money in the Bank entrance to Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”. It’s absolutely amazing, and harkens back to why “Cult of Personality” was so complimentary to CM Punk. I understand why the WWE doesn’t use licensed music more, but I can’t help but think how such a simple addition could possibly draw more casual fans in.

Here’s a link to said entrance:

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Alexander from Portland

Top to bottom, this show will be the one that’s most remembered when it comes to the empty arena era. I can only imagine just how vociferous a crowd would have been at the announcement of Becky being pregnant. Very curious to see if Becky’s pregnancy will be turned into a storyline for Seth. He’s previously wanted the WWE Championship for glory, dominance, to relieve the burden from others. Heel Seth vying for the title so he can make more money for his newborn could be an interesting story.

Question: Do you think it’s likely that we see Edge as a world champion in the next year?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight, a very surprising turn of events came to light. That’s right, Samoa Joe had a pony tail. It was almost like Lance Archer’s murder hawk. I don’t know if it’s the best look, but Joe can’t really go to a barber so I guess that will do. The show was one of the better outings that WWE has put out in the empty arena era. The highlight was Shayna Baszler and her excellent promo and showing no care for her former rival. No wonder Seth Rollins looked in rough shape. The babyface locker room is all happy for Becky, but the heel locker room is probably telling Seth that his life is over. The main negative was the Wild Card Rule somewhat coming back. I guess the issue is the roster is going to be limited just based on who doesn’t want to work and who can actually show up due to being stuck in another country like a Bobby Roode. But overall, a good show. 7 parasite babies out of 10.

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