FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/13/24

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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These matches were damn good… The King/Queen of the Ring explainer video packages were all really good, and the pace of the show only slowed after the Gable/Zayn/Otis segment. Tho Lynch and Kai were also good.

The production, continuity and video packages made this show really easy to watch, and to stay tuned in to.

Drew McIntyre is still the MVP tho… And Priest is feeling more comfy in his promos too.

All in all, RAW doesn’t feel like time wasted or lost anymore.

I would love if the King/Queen of the Ring would also lead to a title shot at SummerSlam… Give it even more stakes, and purpose. But as it stands, competitors wanting to win, to level up their career and because winning matters is enough already too.

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Mannie from pacoima

It’s that man wai ting and neal Flanagan.
Whos favorite food is lobster head
Theyre gonna review raw on this monday night
Too many limes, too many limes.

Never have I ever seen such a weak punch than the one becky gave to liv. Even my cats have swung harder on me. Lots of great matches tonight and tonight also prived that hunter can book more than one women’s match on his 3 hour show that doesn’t last 2 minutes. Speaking of the women, I think wwe might have spoiled the queen of the ring finals in some of their graphics. If it’s true, its still a match I’m looking forward too! Unfortunately not even Ilja could get a good match out of Jey. Just pair him up with Fatu. Jacob made zilla look like a million bucks, I’m sure he’d definitely do the same for jey.

Mlw delivered a fantastic show on Saturday with their aztec lucha card.
Hope john feels better.
Post wrestling, they not like us, they not like us.
Neal will you be traveling through the portal that connects ireland to new york?

Raw was a good show, but I can’t get past having illegitimate “media” at press conferences. It is a detriment to true journalists’ credibility and legitimacy.

WWE is a bit different with it being entertainment, but it does not help when an executive like Triple H is combative when a serious question is asked.

Then there was the UFC press conference from this past weekend. One woman “reporter” asked Dana White if he could help arrange Donald Cerrone to brand her. Another “media” member asked for Dana White’s autograph. It’s really gotten out of hand.

How do those types of “reporters” get credentialed? Should UFC media relations be stricter when vetting media to be approved for credentials? Should WWE clarify the purpose of its press conferences to be kayfabe or legit?

Maybe this is more of a Pollock question, get well soon, John!

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It’s good that WWE realizes that certain matchups should be saved for later. Ilja/Gunther, in this case, is a dragon I’m willing to chase til it happens. There’s no shame in Ilja losing to Jey Uso. He’s gonna be fine.

Priest and McIntyre is all but a lock for Glasgow. In the meantime, Strowman is a fine choice for Priest to defend the title against in Jeddah.
Kofi/Gunther was so well done

Becky/Dakota was strong up until the finish. Lyra’s not letting the rub she got from Becky seven months ago go to waste and Iyo/Shayna was a good test drive for a babyface run for Sky much, much later.

Solid fun all around.

It was also heartwarming to see Samantha give Lilian Garcia her flowers with that cameo!

Jay from Colorado

I thought it was an excellent show. But it bothers me more than it should that Adam Pierce gave the whole speech about only wanting the best of the best to compete in King of the Ring and doesn’t want to throw Braun Breaker in the deep end being completely new to the main roster, but then the very next match is Lyra Valkeria vs Zoey Stark in the Queen of the Ring tournament. Maybe he doesn’t mind throwing Lyra into the deep end? Or did I miss something?

Another terrific episode of RAW. Had a really good time with this show. This KOTR cycle has been electric as this tournament and it’s various subplots have been varied and interesting. The unpredictability of the results have been a result of good booking. Prefer Dragunov losing clean and having to build himself backup instead of losing via shenanigans. Jey is going to serve as a villain of sorts for me in the final as I fear he beats Gunther and gets his win back to set up a final vs Tama Tonga.