FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/17/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

First, the good. This is the most I’ve liked Riddle. The Asuka Japanese culture insert was very nice and her match with Charlotte was very good. Didn’t expect to get a clean finish. For the bad, I really felt for Nattie and Tamina. You’ve just won the tagteam titles, it’s your first night on RAW and you have to deal with the drivel of Bliss Wyatt. You would think it would be hard to forget a guy kicking a flower up another guys ass, but I forgot until tonight. Thanks for the reminder. Angel Garza is one of my young favorites so it’s really good to see him prosper with such brilliant writing. After last night, I’m skipping anything to do with Miz and Morrison.

Question, if we were to get into the head of Alexa Bliss, do you think that she thinks what she’s doing is good or do you think she’s aware of what crap this is? It’s something I’ve often wondered.

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Roy from Rhode Island

To follow up on last night’s discussion about potential challengers for Roman, and given the corresponding dearth of top faces on Raw; what is Edge’s current status? Is he injured, or were they just keeping him out of the way of Cesaro’s push?

I can’t see him beating either Roman or Lashley, but what else is there for him that won’t feel like a downgrade or a retread?

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