FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/18/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

What’s with this greatest match ever crap? What a bizarre spin & unnecessary pressure to put on a match.Seth Rollins has really had a terrible run in terms of character. The IIconics got screwed. Be interested to see if that goes anywhere or it was just a simple case of Royce rage. Kairi Sane is so outgoing and refreshing, while Nia Jax just stinks. Show gets a 3.

The beginning of tonight felt like Halloween 2, kicking off right where the previous edition left us with Charlie still standing in the ring. A few notes on tonight:
• While Edge hyped up the IC Title better than promos for the upcoming tournament probably will, I do not want to see him anywhere near Randy for another 9 years. I’m hoping at Backlash they really do have the Best Match Ever, which one day becomes a topic for an entire Podcast from the BDE, just so we can all move past this feud.
• Scott Stanford doing his updates from what looked like Bill Maher’s backyard was something.
• I think that was Sarah Logan on Hangman Page’s horse.
• When Asuka mentioned she was a Grand Slam Champion, I couldn’t help think about Bayley saying she was the only one to achieve the acclaim this past Friday.

• 2 weeks ago, ratings reached an all-time low. Charlotte being on every show is an obvious tool to try to gain some fan interest. While there has been positive moments, with tonight and the promise of more on Friday, have you guys started to feel some Flair-fatigue?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Remember those legendary vignettes where the Road Warriors played carnival games with their opponents? At this rate, the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits will be more like the Ascension than the Road Warriors. I’m now of the belief that when those crazy Revival gimmicks came out that WWE weren’t trying to embarrass them but actually thought it was a good idea. Despite that, there weren’t that many negatives on the show. Kairi played Asuka’s theme on a recorder, what more do you want? I like Charlotte just running through people, I like Austin Theory potentially getting a new role with Seth Rollins and I like that they finally might do something with Apollo Crews. They also seem to finally be pulling the trigger on the Lashley/MVP pairing. A lot of the angles aren’t bad, but the ones that are end up being really bad. 6 out of 10 show for me tonight.

I thought that nothing could follow up how bad the Pick up game from last week could be. I was wrong. Axe-throwing is worse. I thought that the police there would bust them for crowd size. With the bad acting, obvious edits, and the stupid idea, it will be hard to top this in terms of bad things for them to do while waiting for their match at Backlash. I have been wrong, however. Other than that, it was yet another average empty arena show. While the Lashley/Drew paring could be interesting with MVP involved, other than that, nothing else seems to interest me, maybe the idea that with no AOP, Seth wants to increase his stable now, with the potential Murphy turn coming, and the setup for Edge/Orton. 4.5 out of 10
Rich in Winnipeg, via East Selkirk.

Nick from Lansing

This was a pretty average episode of Raw, with some interesting story progressions but not a lot to talk about in terms of matches to write home about.

There’s probably going to be a lot of talk about the new not wild card rule and as confusing as that was, I personally was most confused when Corbin and Drew were getting ready to face off and I suddenly had the vaguest memory of these two men in a faction together. Braun Strowman was there, and Lashley was involved. I swear it was at that exact moment that Bobby Lashley’s music hit and I decided the world was fucking with me, because absolutely none of this was talked about on commentary. I need someone to back me up or set me straight, the quar is getting to me

Jordan from Kitchener,

So, that was tough to get through, but here is just a couple of thoughts that popped while watching RAW.

(4) It was nice to see Sarah Logan as an extra in the sketch!

(3) WWE tried to make King Corbin showing up tonight a big deal. In reality, it just made me care less about the main event. Well done!

(2) It’s taken the company four years to push that new up and comer Apollo Creed, err… Crews. It only took them a pandemic to realize what they had.

(1) Legitimately, I forgot that Bianca Belair is on the main roster. Tonight, I got a reminder!

Tenese from GA

Edge/Orton had a great match in 04 at Vengeance and a good match in 06 on Raw to write off Orton after his first wellness violation. They had good chemistry back then but now I don’t think they can pull it off. Austin Theory is just going from one stble to another being someone’s goon. I know it’s WWE but how did it take this long to figure out how to use Lashley correctly? The Street/Viking Raiders skits were a hot mess and I’m not on board with Charlotte runing through all the women. The only saving grace for this week’s show is the continuing of booking for Drew, he still looks credible. 2/10

Alexander from Portland

While I hated the axe throwing competition, it at least was a break from the empty-arena setting. I am less excited about seeing the two teams meet now, suppose I’ve lost the smoke. Rumors are circulating that Rey Mysterio’s contract is up soon and the eye injury last week is a way to potentially write him out of storyline. You know what else would be a great way to write a guy out of storyline? Having him be thrown off a roof by Baron Corbin. I see more upside in a Rey/Corbin feud than I do Rey/Rollins, at least with this current character.

Question: with so many contenders on RAW, including Owens, Styles, Andrade, Black, Rollins (again), and Lashley, and the potential to have someone from SmackDown challenge, what sort of priority do you think can be given to Jinder Mahal for a title shot against Drew? Is it out of the question that his title opportunity is at a PPV?