FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/21/18

Post your feedback/questions here for tonight’s edition of Rewind-A-Raw.

What did you think of tonight’s Raw?

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Aaron from Cincinnati -

That Lashley segment was just horrendous. I am convinced that I need to watch RAW by myself, with the door closed. Could you imagine if a non-wrestling fan decided to stop-in during this segment? Wow. Top of the line cringe material right here boys. Easily one of the most brutal segments in RAW’s recent memory.


Brandon from Oshawa

Just incase people aren’t keeping track, Elias is leading Bobby Roode 3-1 in the best of seven series. Seriously though, why have these 2 needed more than 1 match, let alone 4? Elias isnt even in the MITB match, so its not like this feud is even building to that. Speaking of which, how is he not in that match? Elias is constantly one of, if not the best thing about Raw. I’m close to saying that Elias may be one of the best, to ever come out of NXT. He’s not an indie darling. He’s not someone we expected big things from when he got called up, but he always kills it.

The company obviously has confidence in him. He gets fairly long segments week after week and he’s gotten some big moments to shine. There is some work on his wrestling to be done for sure, but if Jinder can become the WWE Champion, what do you guys see as the future for Elias?


Sean from Toronto

It has been less than 5 days since I got a ticket for my first Toronto Raw in 8 years and this week’s episode really made me start to regret that decision.

The segment between involving Lashley’s “sisters” was way worse than I was fearing it would be and I shame WWE for having men in drag in a “comedy” segment in 2018, since it can be interpreted as transphobic. I personally was so offended that I outright turned off my television and was prepared to keep it off for the rest of the night (Cooler heads prevailed and I ended up turning the TV back on after a few minutes to see Lashley celebrating in the ring).

I really hope WWE enjoys counting their rights fees as their hardcore fan base gets their patience increasingly tested.


Mark from Vaughan

Question 1: With all the money being injected into WWE from their next TV deals, can you think of any ways they could use some of it to improve the product or company?

Question 2: Do you think we’ll see a shift in how the product is presented since TV is such a huge revenue stream now? It feels like the top matches should go there rather than the WWE Network specials outside of the Big 5.

Jalen from Pickering,

I commend Zayn for trying to his damnedest to make that segment entertaining in any way. That segment was the beginning of the end for this show. That contract signing was painful unless Steph was speaking, and after highlighting the inexperience of Ronda and the experience of her friend Nattie, it’s basically a guarantee that Nattie is gonna cash in or cost her the match.

Question: Will the WWE getting these big offers hurt the show creatively? No incentive to do better or change when you’re getting offered mountains of money for mediocrity.


Lorenzo from da 505 (Albuquerque,NM)

I got start off by saying Seth is way over and I like how he is being used. But I have to say RAW Sucked and has sucked since the shake up. I guess we know why smackdown is stacked as they were getting shipped around. Back to Raw oh it sucked. Oh thanks for the captain America winter soldier review enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for all you do

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Stu from C-town, Australia.

After a big weekend away on a bucks party, I took a few days off work and was able to catch Raw live for the first time in a long time. I probably would’ve rather been at work.

The more talented performers have little-to-no storyline, so I don’t really get invested in their matches, and the less talented performers have convoluted and ultimately boring stories, and because they’re less talented, I don’t care about their matches either.

Back to watching recorded Raws for me, and back to the blessed fast forward button.

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Jason from Minnesota

What the fuck did I just watch?


Darcy and Shera from Toronto

It’s quite smart to pair the overly-popular Seth Rollins with the walking, talking toxic waste that is Roman Reigns whenever possible, and tonight seemed to help keep the boo birds off The Big Dog. But is WWE management running the risk of fans going the other way, and transferring their detestment of Roman onto his Shield cohort? Is it really worth the risk taking a good thing in The Architect and his ultra-successful Intercontinental Title run and ruining it, all in the name of trying to get the constantly-plagued Reigns somewhat over with the crowd?

Is it also fair to say that if WWE dedicated half the time making The Sunk Cost Samoan a superstar towards a more worthy talent on the roster, that talent would be Daniel Bryan-level popular by now?

Keep up the great work, gentlemen. Suffering through Raw is among the hardest things you can put yourself through week over week. You’re modern day heroes.

Jay from Colorado.

About halfway though the Bobby Lashley segment I began to realize that my biggest problem in life is a lack of self-love. My therapist was right this whole time. At least the main event wasn’t horrible and the Breezango Carmax commercial was pretty good. But good God, I need to get help. I think I may start learning a new trade while Raw is on, God knows I can’t stop watching for some reason.

Not wrestling related but any chance on getting a review of the upcoming season of Arrested Development? I’m sure there are others who would enjoy hearing your thoughts, surely there are dozens of us!

I second the AD reviews!

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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

After seeing a lot of talk about the “Lashey’s Sisters segment” online I let my curiosity get the better of me and watched it on YouTube. So let me just see if I’ve got this right: Bobby Lashey (a Face) wanted to prove Sami Zany (a Heel) and his sisters statements about him being a bully false by beating up women (a Heel act).

I’m sorry we all had to watch that, but if WWE want to clean sweep all of the “Worst Of Awards” then their going the right way about it.

(Worst PPV = Backlash; Worst Angle = Lashley’s sisters; Worst Announcer = The Coach; WTF Moment of the Year = WWE taking Oil Money to exclude Women while also promoting a women’s evolution)

Marc from AZ

So they hooked me with the Huge announcement teased for the beginning of the show. And then I soon realized I had tuned into another edition of Roman Always Wins aka RAW. Well I’ll be honest they got me… To change the channel, thank goodness for you guys and the reviews you provide for saving me from the rest of the episode.

John from Montana,

It’s come to the point where RAW is just becoming background noise on my TV while my attention is drawn somewhere else for the entire show, and the sad part about that is that the WWE no longer has to care. They realize that no matter what kind of product they put out, most of the hardcore fans will still tune in, and they will be making revenue for being a content provider because of the TV contracts, as opposed to being in the business of “Putting smiles on faces.”

I don’t always participate in the RAW feedback ratings, but tonight got a 2/10 from me.

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I was there live. Maybe raw is better watched without commentary because besides the Zayn and Lashley thing I enjoyed it. The crowd was into everything except that segment and the matches were solid.

One thing that I found funny was a lady asked me who Jinder Mahal was during the first match. She knew Reigns and Rollins and loved Reigns but not Jinder. I told her and she said “well he’s a nobody to me” I then told her that he was WWE Champion last year and she did not believe me

Chris From Florida.

I’m done. I couldn’t even make it through this show. And you know what really did it for me to be honest? The terrible commentary. I mean this nonsense with Coach and Graves is just unbearable. I feel for you guys for having to review this shit. But I’m glad you do cause I look forward to it every week. So I guess, time being, I’m done with RAW but not done with Rewind-A-RAW. I will say that Rousey segment this week was much better. I think with her, the less they give her to talk about the better. She has tons of physical charisma. That can carry her in segments as long as she doesn’t have to memorize a ton of lines.

Louis from Long Beach

I’m really glad I have you guys to listen to because I couldn’t make it through this Raw without constantly switching the channel.

1 Hour opener with Roman and Kevin Owens, I’ll pass. I really think John hits the nail on the head with KO. He’s completely forgettable now which seems insane given how talented he is.

Another contender for one of the worst segments of the year with Bobby Lashley and Sammy? I’ll pass.

More terrible commentary from Coach, Michael, and Corey. I’ll pass.

My only Monday wrestling highlight is listening to both of you tell my why I’m better off not having spent more time watching this.

Thanks as always.

This wasn’t as horrible of a raw as previous weeks but still felt long. My biggest surprise for this raw was how much of a positive reaction reigns got considering they we’re in New York and normally It’s the type of crowd that love to hate on reigns.

Outside of that, it’s was just you’re run of the mill raw. They had long matches with the same guys we see every week and you realize how many guys are really wasted on the main roster.

Damn, 18 responses and no one mentions how great the main event was.

Dont get me wrong, Raw sucked. But that main event was flames.