FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/24/21

What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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The New Day getting weaved into the main event scene presented a chance to showcase what both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods can do on their own. Kofi and Drew was a strong opener that ended in chichanery. Riddle vs Woods was easily the match of the night, Woods’ singles potential is a best kept secret and both men came out of it looking strong.

I tried to watch tonight but fast forwarded through almost everything and watched the nhl playoffs instead which seemed like the easy call in my opinion. My interest in wrestling is as low as it’s been in several years. I still really enjoy Dynamite and some WWE ppvs, they just have so much meaningless/repeat television it’s unbearable to watch. Lashley and Drew have nothing interesting to say, they’re feuding over being the best?…it’s so dry and uninteresting. How many times have they done Charlotte and Asuka?
Wouldn’t it be in WWEs best interest to switch to a two hour show for the long run? I understand less advertising money without the additional hour , but the programs quality is so bad that the tune out factor and general turn off of 3 hours every Monday of crap has to hurt the product more than a solid two hour show would in terms of viewership and less negativity to the product overall

I know you guys are die hard fans, would you watch all 3 hours every week if you didn’t do it for a career?
Thanks for all you do. Go Avalanche!!!

Alexander from Portland

RAW is REMATCHES. Nia and Baszler have faced Tamina and Natalya so many times it’s hard to care about the potential for another. Charlotte and Asuka feel like they’re secretly in a best-of-five series with each other. Drew and Kofi tonight was fresh, but will it be next week? Did the Sympho-Knee lose its name? Did Nikki Cross gain anything by not being beaten in two minutes? Is Eva Maria going to be a babyface? I can’t wait to tune in next week and most likely not find out. silver lining tonight was that RKO from Riddle, RK-Bro continue to be one of the more intriguing parts of WWE. 5/10 show

question: with WWE going back to a touring schedule, could you see NXT callups to freshen up the main rosters?

The problems with Raw are rarely with the in-ring content and that was especially true tonight. Riddle vs Xavier Woods in particular stood out. As many times as he’s been a tag team champion, I think Woods is still underrated as a performer. Definitely my MOTN.

Unfortunately, good ring work gets undermined because of what’s around it. Asuka beat Charlotte last week. Charlotte beats Asuka this week. For some reason, Charlotte gets a title shot and Asuka doesn’t. Cedric and Shelton have gone 50/50 over the last two shows, which means that neither of their two (good) matches has gained them anything.

The women’s tag match is something we’ve seen about a hundred times and much though I like seeing Shayna act like more of a killer, I’m afraid that she’s going to get sucked into the Alex’s playground quicksand. I was late tuning in, so I missed Drew and Kofi but apparently that’s ok because they’ve already announced that they’re doing the match again next week. Ricochet is a baby face who keeps attacking heel Sheamus after he wins clean.

Booking that accomplishes nothing, randomly assigned title shots, inconsistent characters, and dragging out ill-conceived stories are the things that make Raw so trying and on nights like tonight when the in-ring is particularly strong, it actually makes those problems more apparent.

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Have either of you watched Raw Talk? Is it worth watching?

Ben from Vancouver

Riddle vs Woods was a lot of fun, everything else was tired rematches. I’m not sure what the purpose of those “we’re returning to the road” promos were because I think they had the opposite effect. Mandy and Dana’s acting/delivery made porn stars look like Meryl Streep.

What’s the plan for Ricochet? Why not re team him with Cedric? They had a ton of potential as a tag team before all the Retribution mess.