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Jay from Colorado

There are three sure things in life, death, taxes, and the WWE making a brand split meaningless within weeks of the draft. AJ and Seth looked great together, but they could have easily elevated another Raw star to tag with Seth.

Another solid episode that filled the three hours well. The two MITB qualifiers were good with Nakamura/Reed being the stronger of the two. Reed came off strong in defeat, Ricochet being in the ladder match guarantees some crazy shit. Owens wearing Usos merch was a nice bit of trolling to put the Bloodline in his and Sami’s rear view. I can see Chance and Carter getting primed to ultimately beat Rousey and Baszler when the time comes.

I can forgive the draft being ignored by Adam Pearce mentioning the red tape to make the main event happen. A little explanation goes a long way.

Anyway, with Trish and Zoey being a pair going forward. Does Becky pair up with Lita or someone on the roster that could use the rub? (I hope it’s Candice LeRae)